Is Functional Skills easier than GCSE?


Is Functional Skills easier than GCSE?

A lot of students struggle to achieve their GCSE in English and Maths every year. So many of them don’t realise that there is an alternative option which has often been commented as being slightly easier than GCSE yet it is an equivalent qualification that is valued by employers.

Functional Skills Level 1 is equivalent to a GCSE D (or reformed GCSE 3)

Functional Skills Level 2 is equivalent to a GCSE C (or reformed GCSE 4)

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Is it really easier?

When we say “easier”, we don’t mean that you won’t have to revise and study just like a GCSE. But they can be better for those who have failed their Maths and English GCSE, whether recent or many years ago.

How is Functional Skills different to a GCSE?

GCSE exams tend to overcomplicate some questions and don’t really put questions into context; Functional Skills does just that. It applies the same kind of principles to real-life situations, and some students perform better this way.

It focuses more on literacy and numeracy that are needed in everyday life. Functional Skills can be a better alternative for those who can work things out better by thinking about how they would solve the problem in real life. This builds confidence and understanding in an area they might have previously had anxiety about.

Other’s will argue that Functional Skills provides the student with knowledge that will last throughout life and understandings that they will utilise for the rest of their lives. Whereas there are many people who pass their GCSE’s when they are 16 and will admit to not remembering much of what they learned in years shortly afterwards.

Advantages of studying Functional Skills online

There are so many benefits to online distance learning, and Functional Skills is a great course to utilise those benefits. The courses allow you the freedom to upgrade yourself and your CV without worrying about going to school or classes and interrupting other daily commitments.

You’ll be able to complete your course from home or wherever you may be on the move at your own time. No travel fees, no tutor timetable. The ball is in your court. You’ll have access to an exclusively tailored course that will determine your level rather than only working to the same standard that a whole class may be at. You’ll also have an online tutor accessible within 24 hours who can redirect you in the right direction if you do get stuck, so you’ll never be left alone to try and figure it out if you really get stuck.

Once you’ve passed practice tests (which you can complete online from home), you can book your exams. You can choose to sit the exams in our North London test centre, or you can even do the exam online from home too! You will be invigilated by the awarding body, so everything is above board and follows the regulations. Once passed, you will have your official certificate, which you can use for college, university, apprenticeships and job positions.

Don’t feel like you HAVE to do the GCSE if you feel it doesn’t work for you.

How do I get a Functional Skills qualification, and how soon?

You can sign up for the online course and start today (or the next working day). You'll begin with an initial assessment determining your level in each subject unit. For example, you may be a Level 1.5 in fractions but a Level 2.3 in percentages. This means you'll have more course revision in fractions to get you to Level 2, but hardly any new revision on percentages since you're already at Level 2.

You can go through as much of the course as possible. The only thing we'll need from you to book an exam is to pass a practice test. You'll have access to this too as soon as you sign up and enrol. Once our tutors have marked the test within the week, you'll be able to book your exam(s) as soon as possible.

The average time from the date of signing up to achieving the certificate is about 30 days.

Spaces are filling up, and time is of the essence, so get in touch quickly so we can help you get your qualification.


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