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Monthly Archives: October 2018

  • Robots in Child Care: Yes or No?

    Robots in Child Care: Yes or No?
    For me, the thought of children being looked after a robot can bring a shiver down my spine. I mean, it is definitely not humane, and neither is it normal. But similar to how robots have benefitted the elderly care sector, there is an argument which says that robots in child care can benefit the sector. In this article, I'll take a look at both sides of the argument. Related Learning: Level 2 Certificate for the Children & Young People's Workforce (RQF)

    Why Are Robots Being Introduced?

    Right now, robots are currently being tested.... ...
  • Male Child Care: Why Men Avoid Child Care?

    Male Child Care: Why Men Avoid Child Care?

     One in three councils throughout the UK hire male child care workers in the sector. The female-dominated sector, of which 98% is female, has been encouraging more men to join the workforce in an effort to improve diversity.

    But with such little uptake, what are the reasons as to why men don't pursue a career in childcare?

    Male Child Care is Not Macho Enough

    Diving into the realm of social gender stereotyping here, but the fact is, a lot of men don't see it as a “man's” job. Society has been conditioned to believe that men are the de-facto bread-winner, and women look after domestic affairs and the children. Thankfully this is changing, but not to a great extent.

    But for men who want to look after children in a child care setting, a lo....

  • 9 Ways to Engage and Encourage The Millennial Workforce

    9 Ways to Engage and Encourage The Millennial Workforce
    The millennial workforce now forms a significant section of the workforce and the number is just increasing by the day. Some adjustment must be made in the work culture to accommodate this highly demanding yet very efficient and productive generation in the workforce.
    1. Employee Engagement

      Employee engagement must become the motto of every organization in order to keep up with the millennials. They are raised in a manner that they always consider themselves special, valued and cared for. They want to feel the same way in their job as well. They love benefits and perks
    2. ....
  • Legionella: What You Need To Know

    Legionella: What You Need To Know

    Legionella is a type of bacteria (not a virus) that causes respiratory infection in humans. Types of infections include Lochgoilhead fever, Pontiac fever and Legionnaires' disease. Any infection that is caused by the Legionella bacteria strain is referred to as 'legionellosis'.

    What are the Health Risks of Legionellosis?

    Both Lochgoilhead and Pontiac fevers are flu-like illnesses which are non-fatal.  But Legionnaires' disease, which is similar to pneumonia, is fatal in approximately 12% of cases. 

    Legionnaire's disease first hit the headlines back in 1976 when an outbreak of the illness occurred at the American Legion Convention in Philadelphia. 221 people were infected during the outbreak, of....

  • How Creative Activities Can Benefit a Child's Development

    How Creative Activities Can Benefit a Child's Development

    Creative activities play a vital role in a child's development. In fact, there are numerous studies which support this.

    But as child care workers, it is imperative for you to plan in creative activities as part of your daily program. You have to remember that not every child has access to resources and materials to allow them to exercise their creative juices. Some children will have never had a chance to paint or draw until they've stepped into a nursery for the first time. It is a sad fact, but it is true. 

    In this post, we share 8 ways of how creative activities can benefit children of a young age.

    1. Motor Skills

    There are many m....

  • Green Cities: What Are They? And How Can We Build Them?

    Green Cities: What Are They? And How Can We Build Them?

    More than half of the world's population live in cities. With urban population predicted to grow, and the threat of climate change expected to worsen, we must take the initiative to make better use of renewable energy and transform our cities to become cleaner, greener and more economically viable.

    What Is A Green City?

    They are cities which have chosen to focus on sustainability. They are cities aiming to decrease their pollution and to reduce the negative environmental impact they create. They do this by recycling, reducing emissions and waste, and more.

    Why The Need For Green Cities?

    Most major cities in the UK are over-reliant on fossil fuels, which has led to an inevitable increase in air pollution. According to the Financial Times, London ....

  • 3D Printed Homes: Future of Construction?

    3D Printed Homes: Future of Construction?

    Ever since the world's first family moved into a 3D printed home in France back in June 2018, as reported by the BBC, it has opened up new possibilities for more affordable and quicker housebuilding.  

    3D printing has become one of the hottest emerging technologies of our time. Some have even dubbed the introduction of 3D printing technologies as the birth of the third industrial revolution.

    What is 3D Printing?

    3D printing was originally invented by an American engineer, Chuck Hall, in 1986. The technology uses a laser to join molecules together to form polymers, which are lots of similar molecules that are bonded together. These polymers h....

  • Health and Social Care: How to Recover From a Burnout

    Health and Social Care: How to Recover From a Burnout

    Burnout happens to the best of us, but in the health and social sector, experiencing burnout is fairly common. 

    A report published by Community Care, which surveyed 1,359 individuals who worked in the care sector, found that 73% scored in the highest category for emotional exhaustion, while a further 18% scored moderate levels of exhaustion. But the report also unveiled that 91% of respondents scored in the highest category for personal accomplishment.

    Looking at these figures, it's fair for me to say that the average care worker does enjoy what they do, but the nature of the role can cause many to feel emotionally drained.

    What are the Signs and Symptoms of a Burnout?

    Many of us will have days of feeling helpless, ....

  • 5 Ways Millennials are Transforming the Workforce

    5 Ways Millennials are Transforming the Workforce
    Millennials: Probably the most over-scrutinized, over analyzed generation of all times. Wikipedia defines millennials as individuals reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century. The exact time period, however, is not very well defined. According to Newsweek magazine, the Millennial generation was born between 1977 and 1994. The New York Times placed the Millennials at 1976-1990 and 1978-1998, while an article in Time magazine claimed millennials were born between 1980-2000. Considering the endpoints, the range 1977 to 2000 can be taken as the broader age group of millennials.

    Now let's explore what is it that makes this generation so unique and significant

    The prime reason must be the fact that they are the natives of the digital era. They were born and raised in a time where.... ...
  • 7 Apps That Can Help Train Your Brain

    7 Apps That Can Help Train Your Brain

    Whether you want to do better at school, focus at work, or you just want to stay on top of your game, there are various reasons for desiring a boost in brainpower. But the sad fact is, as we age, our brain function declines. 

    However, a major study by the University of California has suggested that by keeping mentally active, in particular when you're older, you're more likely to maintain a healthy brain. 

    Brain training apps have been considered as a useful tool for mental stimulation. Even though there are studies that have failed to find a link between brain training and improved cognitive function, there's a host of research that prove the opposite. 

    One 2013 study published in ....