Why You should choose “The Learning Station”

We understand the anxiety of all employers when making a judgment and choosing the right Training Provider as well as the importance of staff training.

At The Learning Station, you can rest assured that we will provide quality, value, and service for your money and that improves staff retention, loyalty, and progression.

At The Learning Station we provide;

  • Course information, suitability, and progression
  • Bespoke payment options
  • Back office support 9am to 6pm Mon-Fri
  • Technical Support 9am to 6pm Mon-Fri
  • Initial Assessments
  • Course Inductions
  • Allocated Assessor
  • 24 Hr Online Learning
  • Feedback on Submitted Work
  • Workplace Observations
  • High standard of Quality Assurance
  • Course Extensions if needed
  • Monthly report showing the progress of all your learners
  • Easy password change and retrieval


  • We have Direct Claim Status - Meaning we can request qualifications within days of completion.
  • A dedicated employer’s area to check and monitor your learners and their progress at any time*
  • All works are fully and remotely backed up for the last 14 days.
  • We also make use of the latest technology in Cloudflare to protect our Website and all its data from hacking, so apart from maintenance, there is no downtime.
  • Our Learner Management System is fully ESFA and awarding body Compliant.
  • Ideal for learners with sight and learning disabilities as learners are able to change; font colours and sizes, and the background to suit.


We have an area specifically designed for monitoring candidate's progress and performance*

(For Companies and Sub-Contracting Companies making a purchase of 5 or more RQF/QCF Courses)

We are proud to offer our candidate monitoring service, uniquely designed, and owned by The Learning Station. Essentially, this area will allow you to log into your exclusive area on our learner management system and monitor your student's progress to the same level as what our assessors & trainers are able to.

You will be able to see your learner's current progress, what assignments are complete, partially complete, not completed, submitted, and returned to the learner with feedback. You will also be able to view the assessment plans that are being given to the learners, enabling you to include their studies as part of your supervision.

If the candidates are completing e-learning courses, you will be able to monitor all their progress and will be able to access certificates quickly by downloading them straight from the learners' profiles.

Monthly Progress Reports

We provide monthly progress reports which enable our partner companies to monitor their staff member's course progress. This can be used within staff supervision, team meetings, or through other means to help motivate their staff member's fast progression on our courses. We find that if learners have regular supervision or team meetings which factor in discussion around their course progress, this motivates students to make a significant difference in their course progress.


Our quality stands out from other training and education providers

We work hard to screen and employ assessors located in different parts of the country, which enables us to observe all our RQF/QCF Learners in their workplaces nationally and across the whole of the UK. We ensure our course assessors are competent in multiple areas and are highly experienced, so learners can confidently complete their course with the expectation of receiving regular and supportive guidance throughout their journey.

We have a resident Internal Quality Assurance expert, who oversees all assessed coursework to make sure that all Assessors and Internal Verifiers are performing as expected. Learners are also welcome to speak with our IQA if they need further assistance.

Our customer services team is dedicated and ready to help with any customer or student request. If a learner requires remote assistance, we are open Monday to Friday and can provide help and support over the phone, on our live chat, or through screen sharing with a variety of options including Zoom, TeamViewer, or Skype.

Our awarding organisations have commended our learner management system on numerous occasions for the simplicity of navigation and for ease of use and guidance for the students and for our Tutors.

We have been awarded Direct Claim Status for most of our qualifications by Training Qualifications UK. Our Direct Claim Status is across the board for all our Health and Social Care and Child Care Diplomas.

Where are we able to deliver our courses?

Most of our courses are completed online so this means anywhere in the world with any device and a good Wi-Fi connection, however, some of our courses may have observation components, therefore these qualifications will be limited to delivery nationally across the UK.

If your organisation requires in-house training, our center is based in London, however, if your organisation has facilities to accommodate a training course, we can arrange for in-house training to be delivered at your center, providing your company has a minimum of 8-delegates in attendance (or are able to cover the cost for the specified amount of learners in attendance).

These training courses may include:

  • Health and Safety
  • First Aid
  • Manual Handling
  • Safeguarding
  • Managing Challenging Behaviour
  • CSCS Construction Safety Courses

We are also able to offer examinations at your venue and share our invigilation practices with a designated manager at your company, provided your workplace has the facilities in place to accommodate examinations. If candidates are within a 30-mile radius of our centre, they will still be expected to come to The Learning Station to take their exams here.


Our QCF/RQF & Diplomas are quicker, easier, and much more relevant

We offer stand-alone Diplomas which essentially means that our students are studying the Qualification that they need, without any unwanted extras such as end-point assessments, Functional Skills, and ERR Workbooks.

Generally, when training with funded or part-funded courses and college establishments, candidates will be required to have more, unnecessary, and laborious visits and assignments. They would also need to complete Functional Skills in Maths and English and will need an endpoint assessment.

An endpoint assessment will be an assessment from another assessor employed by the awarding organisation who will attend the candidate's workplace and judge whether they are competent and if they should be granted certification. If candidates miss or fail the endpoint assessment, then generally, further charges will incur and they will need to re-do the assessment until they achieve it.

Bespoke training for new recruits at your company

We understand every organisation has different ways of operating, and every company will have its own way of training and inducting new staff members that suit their organisation. Here at The Learning Station, we can help you train your staff members from start to finish by designing bespoke online courses to cover every aspect of your organisation's operations; from the basic to the more complex day-to-day tasks. This will free up a staff member from having to replicate the same task 3-4 times a day - Some of the training we can develop includes:

Basic Inductions may include some or all of the below;

  • Answering & making telephone calls
  • Working hours and checking in work
  • Safeguarding & Whistleblowing
  • What departments to consult for different concerns
  • Detailed company practices and procedures
  • Health and Safety, Fire Safety & many more

All the above can be designed and tailored using your own corporate livery to meet your company’s practices, and we can design new courses specifically for your organisation's requirements and host them on our Learner Management System.

* For companies and Sub-Contracting Companies making a purchase of 5 or more RQF/QCF Courses.

Our Company details

  • The Learning Station
  • is a trading style of
  • London Care Homes Ltd
  • Registered At: Rear of 491 Green Lanes Palmers Green London N13 4BS
  • Established in England 06/03/2007
  • Company registration number: 06140933