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Functional Skills English and Maths Level 2- Package - Fast Track- Exam Only

  • Ofqual-regulated & Ofsted Recognised
  • Accepted by universities and employers across the UK as GCSE-equivalent
  • Exams from home- attain your certificate in just 30 days
  • Additional learning Material delivered by BKSB
  • Accredited by Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance- Qualification Number: 603/4992/X
  • Exam Slots Available Monday - Saturday- Book within 2 days of completing enrolment
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About this Course

If you are looking to obtain both English and Maths Functional Skills in record time, then look no further. This package includes both certificates upon completing and passing your exams. 

Functional Skills qualifications are nationally recognised, and Level 2 is equivalent to GCSE Grade C (Grade 4). 

To sit your exams, you will need to complete a short enrolment and the practice tests. Once completed, you will have immediate access to our exam booking calendar. Exams are available throughout the week and can be sat in the comfort of your own home or workplace. 

You have three months to pass the exams,  and the exams can be taken either at Level 1 (GCSE Grade D) or Level 2 (GCSE Grade C). These exams are taken remotely so that you can sit it in the comfort of your home. 

Exam slots are available Monday - Saturday every week. We require two working days for exam bookings.

What's included?

Initial assessments, practice tests, remote exam set-up instructions, and the official exam from home or your workplace. 

As we are always looking for ways to help our learners, we have added additional learning material you can access through your dashboard. This includes diagnostic assessments and additional material to get you prepared sufficiently for your exam-delivered by BKSB.

Additional preparing material delivered by BKSB- bskb is a global leader in improving English and Maths skills.


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Why take this course?


Employers around the UK require their staff members to have a GCSE C Grade or an equivalent, and if you are looking for an equivalent then this package is for you. Quickly make your CV more attractive for any upcoming job opportunities.


Once you have successfully completed the Level 2 Functional Skills exams, learners will receive a GCSE equivalent Functional Skills certificates. This is an internationally recognised qualification and is accepted by many UK and overseas universities. This opens up many opportunities for Further and Higher Education.


There are no formal or academic requirements for completing this Level 2 Functional Skills exams. However, candidates enrolling in this course must be over 16 years old and be at a level to take the exam right away.

Why should I take Functional Skills exams?

Functional Skills qualifications can be a vital stepping stone to your career success. They provide the foundation for developing many different skill sets and are widely accepted as Access to Higher Education! Most UK Universities recognise the Level 2 Functional Skills in English and Maths as a GCSE equivalent qualification and are usually happy to accept them on enrolment.

Key Information

Course Duration

You’ll have 3 months to complete the exams. However, learners are usually able to complete the examinations much sooner. We recommend booking the exams as soon as possible, just in case retake exams are needed to be booked again- and your entry to work or uni is looming and depends on having this qualification. So give yourself plenty of time.

Course Location

The Level 2 Functional Skills Exams are 100% online, regulated by Ofqual and available to learners throughout the world, and can be accessed anywhere with a stable internet connection. Please check the Remote Invigilation requirements in the FAQ area.

Course Support

You will also have access to initial assessments, practice tests and additional study material to get you well-prepared for your exams.


How long do the courses take?

You’ll have 3 months to complete the exams, however, learners are usually able to complete the exams much sooner. We recommend booking the exams as soon as possible, in case a retake exam needs to be booked.

What do these courses include?

  • Enrolment checklist consisting of three initial assessments, two documents to upload and two documents to read


  • Practice tests for you to pass before you book your official examinations. This will give you the confidence in your current ability before taking the examinations. One of our experienced tutors will mark them and give you feedback


  • Interactive Learning Resources will be provided based on your Functional Skills Maths diagnostic assessment.  You will be given information, practice quizzes, and assessments. There are 12 modules to go through.


  • If you are opting for a remote invigilation from home, this exam also includes the invigilator for the exams.


  • If you are opting for the test centre exam, this exam includes a paper-based version of the non-calculator and calculator exams if needed


  • Your final certificate

What happens after my course expires?

If you have not sat or passed all of your exams within the 3-month exam duration, you will have to pay for the exam again. You will however not need to resit any passed exams if you passed during the 3-month duration. For example, if you pass your writing exam within the 3-months but fail your reading exam and you need to book another reading exam after 3 months, you will need to repurchase the exam only product again, but you won’t have to resit the writing exam.

What are the pass marks?



Non-Calculator: 15 marks available

Calculator: 45 marks available

You must get 33 out of a total 60 marks (55%) available across both parts of the exam.



Writing: 36 out of 54 marks (66.6%)

Reading: 20 out of 30 marks (66.6%)

Speaking & Listening: Pass/Fail

Are these exams recognised?

Yes, these exams and certificates are Ofqual regulated and accepted by universities and employers as a GCSE Equivalent.

What awarding body is the qualification with?

The awarding body is Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance, one of the UK’s top awarding bodies.

How many exams will I have to pass to get my certificate?

There is 1-exam that you need to complete for Maths, and it is split into two parts: Non-Calculator and Calculator. There are 3 exams that you need to complete for English - Writing, Reading and Speaking&Listening. Writing and Reading are sat one after each other, and Speaking and Listening is sat separately.

Can I do the exams from home?

Yes, you can! as long as you have access to and adhere to the following Online Invigilation Rules Here: https://www.highfieldqualifications.com/remote-invigilation

I live abroad, can I still take these exams?

Yes! Study online anywhere in the world and take these exams overseas for a UK University Accepted Qualification.

How long is each exam?

Mathematics: Non-Calculator: 40 Minutes Calculator: 1 Hour 50 Minutes English: Writing: 1 hour Reading: 1 hour Speaking and Listening: Around 1 - 1.5 hours

What is the availability for exam days?

Exam slots are available Monday - Saturday every week. We require two working days for exam bookings.

These slots are subject to availability.

What if I can’t make the exam on my chosen date?

Examinations are run every weekday (Mon-Fri) at the following times; 10 am - 1.30 pm 11 am - 2.30 pm 12 pm - 3.30 pm 1 pm - 4.30 pm 2 pm - 5.30 pm 3 pm - 6.30 pm If you cannot attend your exam or miss your exam with less than 3-working days notice, you will need to pay the retake fee if you wish to reschedule your exam. If you are able to provide 3-working days notice, we can reschedule your exam with no fees. You must receive confirmation from us (via email) to confirm that your exam has been rescheduled. If you have not received an email with a changed exam date, your exam has not been rescheduled. Please ensure you receive this email

What if I don’t pass my exams?

If in the unfortunate event you are not successful with your examination, please see below: Online Examinations £75.00 You can retake as many times as you like within your 3-month exam duration. You can request for your examination to be re-marked; however, this is subject to a £65.00 remarking fee. If you are able to provide 3-working days notice, we can reschedule your exam with no fees. You must receive confirmation from us (via email) to confirm that your exam has been rescheduled. If you have not received an email with a changed exam date, your exam has not been rescheduled. Please ensure you receive this email

How do I book my exam?

When you have finished your enrolment and passed your practice tests, you’re ready for your exam! Simply choose a date using our online booking calendar available on your course dashboard which will be made available when your progress bar is all green.

Can I get extra time if I have learning difficulties?

You can get extra time providing you email the evidence to [email protected]. The subject line should read: ‘Extra time needed in exam’. An example of evidence would be a doctor’s letter stating the reason for the extra time needed in the exam. The extra times available are 25% or 50%, however 50% extra time is only offered in exceptional circumstances.

How long do I have to wait for my results?

Results can take anything up to 32 working days to be generated, but we usually see them within a couple of weeks.

How long do I have to wait for my certificate once I pass my exams?

Your certificate is automatically generated and will be sent to you by email once your results are in - usually within 7 - 10 working days.

How long is my certificate valid for?

A lifetime!

How do I log into my course?

Approximately 15 minutes after purchase, you will receive your login details by email, including a link and instructions to log into your course. You can also find your learning portal by clicking on the ‘student login’ button on our website, or by clicking here; lms.thelearningstation.co.uk

Why do I have to complete the enrolment, and the English and Maths assessments?

No matter what course you’re doing, you must complete both tests and the full enrolment as it is part of the UK government requirement needed for our enrolment procedure and compliance. They are important because they tell us what level you’re currently working at

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