COVID 19 Policy and procedure

Due to the ongoing COVID 19 Pandemic, The Learning Station has (in consultation with its staff members and taking the current Government advice) put together a COVID 19/Coronavirus policy and procedure.


The Centre - What we did.

We quickly introduced measures in Mid March 2020 for all our staff to work remotely and from home and will continue in this way until the 1st of June 2020 (or until such time that the Government deems it safe) we will be returning back to our centre with New Normal rules.

We have suspended all examinations and in house courses for the moment but once we are given the go-ahead from the government, we will be operating within our premises following the below procedures.

All our staff who are all now working from home are continuing to provide technical, educational, sales support and Advice.

Our Website and the Online Learner Management system continues to provide (99% uptime) services, sales, courses & information and both are regularly serviced and updated by our remote developers.

Online courses are operating as usual for students, however, due to lockdown, there will be delays in visiting and completing a workplace observation assessment.

What we are doing

To keep our staff members, Learners and visitors to our Centre and the general public safe, we will

Review and amend this policy  on a Monthly basis or earlier if needed for the first 6 Months starting 1st

June 2020 and yearly thereafter or as and when new critical information becomes known.


This Policy and procedure sets out the way we will operate going forward from 1st June 2020.


Any persons not adhering to the below will be refused access and services, However, we may, at the discretion of the management, offer the Visitor by way of Electronic messaging or other means, help and support plus information and guidance for their assessed needs.

Staff Hygiene

  • Staff will be provided with gloves, face masks and visors, and are expected to wear them at all times and encouraged to regularly wash and sanitize their hands.
  • Staff members should not use another member of staff's computer, unless absolutely necessary and if needed the Monitor, keyboard, Mouse, desk and chair should be wiped with supplied anti bacterial wipes etc.
  • Staff members should maintain social distancing inside of the office as much as reasonably possible, and communicate through slack.
  • The learning station will employ a cleaner who will on a daily basis clean and disinfect all areas please see cleaning policy and procedure.
  • Staff should only use the staff wc and must keep this locked and clean at all times and unless in an emergency only share with an appropriate visitor, Keys should be stored where all staff can have access to it.
  • Management will provide and fit perspex screens to the front of all front facing desks.
  • Staff should be at their workstations by 9 am and should rotate and stagger their arrival to reduce crowding. this can be agreed to between staff members.
  • Staff should bring in their own teas and coffees from Costa or similar as there will be no facilities to prepare in the centre.
  • All packaging of food brought in or delivered to the centre must be disposed of outside the centre when finished with, any leftover food should not be stored in the open.
  • Staff members should at all times use gloves, facemask and a visor especially when dealing with customers or the general public.

In-house Courses, Exams and visitors to the Centre.

  • We will ask beforehand if any learners/customers have any cold or flu symptoms and even if they consider them to be minor we will look to rearrange – we will ask again on their arrival and if deemed not well by staff members/management then we will rearrange for another time/date. this will be clearly explained in the confirmation of purchase/date and time information email after purchase and in our terms and conditions
  • Learners visiting the centre will be required to arrive with their own gloves and face masks, however, gloves and masks will be available to those who do not have them.
  • Learners and visitors will be required to que with social distancing in mind and following the floor stickers and staying in the designated areas only.
  • Physical contact with staff and learners/customers will be prohibited including handshakes.
  • Where possible, we will encourage students to complete an online course with us and sit only the exam at our centre to minimise the time and numbers of students in our centre at any one time.
  • Students inside of the centre with a persistent cough or clear visible symptoms of Covid 19 will be asked to leave the centre and to reschedule their course etc.

Online Courses and Observations

  • All students who are doing online courses with us should not have had a change in their usual study during this time and we will continue to provide online support and guidance
  • Observations will resume with the consent of the assessors, the learners and their work placements if open.
  • All assessors carrying out observations and visiting a learners workplace will be required to wear PPE (Gloves -Facemasks - Visor) and will have no physical contact and will follow the social distancing procedure during the assessment.
  • All students who have been awaiting observation or final assessment during the current public health circumstances will be given a course extension at the discretion of our staff.
  • We will be postponing the sending of physical certificates to prevent cross contamination however virtual PDF copies will be sent to all students who have completed their qualifications

Cleaning Schedule - Policy and procedure

  • All common areas, Front door, Handles, glass, trunking, skirtings, floors and internal doors inc handles.
  • Students Keyboards, mouse, Monitors, computer and workspaces and chairs to be cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis in the evening.
  • Staff members are encouraged to clean as they go, their own workspace.
  • Staff Keyboards, mouse, monitors, computer, workspaces, chairs and telephones to be cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis in the evening.
  • All door handles inside the office need to be cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis, in the evening.
  • The wash room area and toilets should be stocked with tissue and anti bacterial spray or wipes on a daily basis.


This policy and procedure was correct at the time of creation and like everything we may have to adapt or change things as we operate again and we will take onboard & adhere to all government directions and advice and also that of our awarding bodies. Please rest assured that we are and will continue to do all that we can to minimise any impact the virus may have on our business and the services we provide to you.

This unprecedented viral outbreak will test our communities and businesses. We are all in this together and we will continue to work hard to minimise any disruption to your Learning and Education. We ask for your cooperation during this time and look forward to continuing to provide the best service possible to you, our customers.