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Asbestos Awareness Training Online Course

  • Time: Non-Applicable
  • Learning style: E-Learning
  • Duration: 1/2 Day
  • Venue: Online
  • Ofqual Registered: Non-Applicable
  • Awarding Body: The Learning Station (CPD)
  • Payments: Non-Applicable
  • Totum Card Eligible: Non-Applicable
  • Accepted by: Non-Applicable
  • GCSE Equivalent: Non-Applicable
  • ID Card Included: Non-Applicable
  • Approved by: Non-Applicable
  • Valid for: Non-Applicable
  • Early Completion: Non-Applicable
  • Qualification Ref: Non-Applicable
    By taking this e-learning course, you can gain asbestos awareness from anywhere in the United Kingdom. Whether you’re in London, Birmingham or Wales, there will never be a point where you have to come to the training centre for this course. 
    Entry requirements

    Anyone who is interested in the course can register, provided they are over 16 years old. This course is solely online and can be completed from any location.

    Units & Pathways

    Some of the topics included in the legionella awareness course are:

    • What is Asbestos
    • Types of Asbestos
    • Common Asbestos Diseases
    • Where Asbestos can be found
    • Working with Asbestos and avoiding risks
    • Legislation and Regulations
    Assessment Method

    On purchase, you will automatically be sent login details via email for your e-learning course which takes mere hours to complete. Throughout your course, you will be provided with interactive online training and be quizzed along your journey.

    Career Progression

    Earning the Asbestos CPD Certificate from this course will make candidates look more desirable when applying for jobs within the construction industry as it proves they have the knowledge to do the job.

    Scroll up now to buy this course, that will enhance your Competence and knowledge, add value to your CV and the skills you can offer to an employer as well as increasing your earnings. 


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