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Monthly Archives: June 2018

  • Industry leaders discuss building for the future

    Industry leaders discuss building for the future

    Experts in the construction industry had joined together to discuss how the UK can meet the 300,000 homes a year target. Due to the ongoing rise of the UK's population, the government has given house builders tougher targets. To achieve the government's objectives, house builders need to change their strategies quickly.

    Building future-proof homes

    The challenge to build more new homes creates more issues along the way:
    • Purchasing land
    • Increasing demand for quality materials
    • Increasing demand to build affordable housing
    • Training and hiring more staff/contractors
    Leaders in this industry discussed how they can solve these challenges while building such a high amount of homes every year.
    “The ones that are not prepared to embrace [the future] are going t....
  • Japan's Elderly Care: What We Learn From Them

    Japan's Elderly Care: What We Learn From Them

    The Japanese are known to have the utmost respect for its senior citizens. Elderly relatives in Japan are usually taken care off by their close family members (often their children), and this cultural behaviour is embodied in the country's welfare system.

    Japan has the world's oldest population in the world. Figures from 2016 show that those who are over the age of 65 in Japan make up 26.5% of the population. In comparison to the UK, the over-65 demographic make up 18.4% of the population. 

    With ministers due to publish a green paper on social care that is to include funding proposals, The Nuffield ....

  • Can a Healthy Diet Improve Your Exam Grades?

    Can a Healthy Diet Improve Your Exam Grades?

    Stress and comfort eating usually go hand-in-hand. As students, we appreciate you're under so much pressure to do your best. So we're not surprised to see packets of crisps, chocolate bars, pizza boxes or any other form of junk food besides your desk.

    But this does beg the question as to why students rely on junk food to cope with stress? And does what you eat affect your exam performance? Read on to find out.  

    Why Do Students Comfort Eat When Feeling Stressed?

    When we're faced with stress, it triggers two biological reactions in our body:

    • Fight-or-flight response: W
    • ....
  • How To Keep Cool On A Construction Site

    How To Keep Cool On A Construction Site

    With summer well underway, we are seeing beer gardens, parks and seaside resorts packed with people basking in the sun. But the ultraviolet (UV) rays and the heat can pose a serious health risk, especially for construction workers who spend a large majority of their day on a construction site undertaking strenuous tasks.

    With the Met Office predicting warmer temperatures (with a few spells of thundery showers) this summer, construction workers need to take extra care to protect themselves from any heat-related illnesses.

    In this post, we share 8 tips construction workers can use to stay cool in the heat.

    1. Stay Hydrated

    Construction workers who work in very hot conditions need to drink water and fluids at regular intervals. Cool or cold water should be the main source of hydration.....

  • 6 Ways to Cope As a Family Carer

    6 Ways to Cope As a Family Carer
    Being responsible for the care of a relative can be rewarding, but it can be demanding and feel overwhelming. Life as a family carer is not easy and it can become particularly challenging when you have a lot of different things to juggle, leaving you feeling stressed and alone. Such stress can be physically and mentally demanding, putting strain on not only you but also the rest of your family.  Read on to discover six ways that you can use to help you look after yourself to help you cope as a family carer.

    1. Be Open and Talk

    Talking is one of the best ways to reduce stress and alleviate worries. Talk to your partner, friends or parents. If it is possible, discuss your worries with the family member that you are caring for. Many carers feel that it is their responsibility to handle everything and feel that talking to their loved one is admitting failure and s.... ...
  • 9 Ways Teachers Can Get The Most Out Of The Summer Break

    9 Ways Teachers Can Get The Most Out Of The Summer Break

    When schools out, teachers from all over the world feel a sense of relief. Reaching the end of the academic year can feel like you've just run the London marathon. And despite the fact that you love your job (83% of teachers say they do), you know you fully deserve your summer break.

    But sometimes, the summer break can seem to come to an end in a blink of an eye. And before you know it, a new academic year beckons. And you wish for an extra week of lie-ins because you don't feel fully recharged (or you simply don't want to go back to school).

    Epidemic stress is the main cause for 3,750....

  • Anxiety in Children: How You Can Help Them 

    Anxiety in Children: How You Can Help Them 
    Whether you work in childcare or have children of your own, you should be aware of how anxiety can present itself in kids. Learn about the types of anxiety disorders, what to look out for and how you can help an anxious child flourish. If you don't live with anxiety, it will be hard to imagine the hardship that comes with daily life. Sadly, some people live in endless worry and stress. It is an unforgiving condition that can have a heavy impact on someone's entire life. Unfortunately, the cruel disorder can hit anyone, including children. The innocent tots often find themselves with hearts racing and are overcome with worry; even when they're standing still, surrounded by loved ones. What's more, there are several kinds of anxiety disorders that kids may regrettably face. Read on to learn about the different types, what signs there are to look out for, and how you can help.
    • Generalised anxiety disorder in children:
    • ....
  • How To Become A Freelance Assessor

    How To Become A Freelance Assessor
    Becoming A Freelance Assessor A freelance assessor is a professional trainer who uses their expertise to provide support and training to students who want to gain vocational qualifications, such as apprenticeships and national vocational qualifications. It is a profession in which you can work in all areas of occupation where vocational qualifications exist, either as a verifier or as an assessor. You can become a freelance assessor in two steps by getting a qualification in competence and a qualification in assessment. Step 1: Qualification In Competence.... You need to demonstrate competence in the area that you wish to be an assessor in. You can achieve this competence by getting a qualification in your field of experience. Consider this instance: if you do wish to be an assessor in the area of childcare, then you need to be qualified in the childcare sector. The ideal case is that you are required to be qualified above the level ...