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  • How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Construction Business

    a person about to press Facebook icon on his/her smartphone It is fairly easy to say that pretty much every one has a social media account, whether it may be Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram or even Twitter. And if you're working in the construction sector then someone must have advised you to to create a Facebook Business Page or a Twitter account for your construction business. Setting up a social media account is very easy. Anyone can do it. But the main thing that boggles the minds of many individuals is answering the tricky question of what content should you post on your social media accounts? And believe it or not, a lot of people don't know. It's important to keep in mind that the content that we post on social media has the potential to attract more customers. Or it can put them off. And if you're a construction ...
  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Gain Qualifications

    The aim of simply finding work to pay the bills is an all too familiar motive. And because of this common notion, people don't really understand the true value of undertaking any training or learning to gain qualifications. The number one reason why people refuse to undertake any training/qualifications is because of the cost. And it is understandable to see why. University fees are rising. And the cost of some vocational courses (courses which are relevant to a particular trade) are also on the rise. But you really shouldn't look at cost as the main reason to not do any training or learning. Qualifications are hugely important when it comes to your working life. And so to further emphasise the importance of gaining qualifications, I have listed 5 reasons to show you why you should:

    1. Gain New Skills

  • 7 Apps To Help You Become Smarter and Productive

    Today, it is much easier being a student thanks to recent advances in smartphone app technology. There are hundreds of apps out there to aid you and to help you become more productive. All of these apps are designed to make you more focused when studying because we know how hard it is concentrate. So to help you decide which apps you should really invest your time in downloading on your smartphone, we've identified 7 apps. And here they are:


    Even though smartphones have the power to become really helpful study aides. It also has the power to be a distraction. It is unbelievably easy to get distracted by our smartphones. One minute, you're in the zone going through your notes, then the next, you receive a notification from Facebook. It's one of those notifications that you have to check. And before you ...
  • How To Make Your CV Stand Out With Microsoft Word

    Whilst it is important to know what goes into a CV, knowing how to make a CV look good on Word is a totally different ball game. And it is a very important skill to learn. This blog post aims to show how you can do that. Now MS Word does offer templates that you can use to create a CV. But these template don't offer any flexibility in regards to making your CV look and feel unique. And believe it or not, HR managers can spot an MS Word template CV from a mile away. So it is best to avoid it. So to help you make your CV stand out from the crowd using MS Word, here are 5 tips that you can use:

    1. Using Different Styles for Headings and Subheadings

    When writing a CV on Word, you will be using different sections to highlight your different skills, qualifications and work experience. Having a CV ...