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  • 5 Ways to Reduce Stress When You Work From Home

    Stress is a natural fallout of every activity. It works as a stimulator for humans to perform better at studies, work, sports, and business. However, excessive stress adversely impacts our physical and mental wellbeing. Left unchecked, excessive stress can cause a decline in productivity levels, lead to addictions and an overall decline in quality of life. Businesses and individuals are tackling stress in different ways. Large companies now offer telecommuting jobs that eliminate stressful commutes daily between home and workplace. Individuals find work as freelancers or launch own business to beat stress caused by commutes, interaction with seniors and colleagues as well as the uncertainty of employment. ...
  • 5 Videos Every Aspiring Social Worker Should Watch

    Do you want to make a difference to your community by working in social care? Well, if you do, we've listed 5 great Youtube videos for aspiring social workers. Whether you watch them while you're on your morning commute or while you sip on a cup of tea at home, it's worth doing.

    1) Should you study social work?! | Pros and Cons

    Jasmine Ama goes through the pros and cons of studying social work at university.

    2) Social workers as super-heroes | Anna Scheyett | TEDxColumbiaSC

    TED Talks never disappoint. Dr. Scheyett describes how social workers serve their communities.

    3) I Wanna Be a Social Worker • A Day In The Life Of A Social Worker

    This video shows an interview with a ...
  • Elderly Care: How You Can Help to Combat Loneliness

    an image of a woman feeling lonely Figures from AgeUK show 3.6 million older people in the UK live alone, with 1.9 million older people feel like they're being ignored. Loneliness amongst the elderly population is causing a significant impact on their well-being.  As care workers, the elderly you look after often never interact with people from the outside world. Some older people are stuck within their four walls and feel isolated and lonely. And there are number of reasons why some of the elderly you look after have grown to feel this way. Some have gone through a divorce or have become a widow. Some have lost contact with old friends and family and simply do not know where to start. In most c ...
  • Can University Be a Waste of Time?

    an image of university graduate posing in her graduation robe The idea of going to a prestigious university and graduating with first class honours is the pinnacle summit for any aspiring young individual wanting to go to university. Or is it?  With universities currently charging £9,250 per academic year, a university graduate can end up with an average debt of £50,800. That's including accommodation and living fees. So is it worth going to university? And why do people choose to go to university in the first place?  Back in 2016, insurance provider Aviva pub ...
  • Should We Be Focusing On Developing Creativity More Than Logic in Kids?

    painting child What is the right kind of curriculum to teach your kids in their early years? This is an ongoing debate and the answer to this question has evolved over the years. The issue is of obvious importance. Early academic years essentially lay the foundations for your child's lifelong learning as well as career choices in later years. So it is vitally important to get it just right. STEM has gained significant traction in recent years as the key to early education. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics tuition are all on the rise – these are t ...
  • Digital Dementia: How It Is Affecting The Younger Generation

    an image of child on tablet We are well aware of dementia and the effect that it has on the elderly. But we're now seeing more young people showing signs of short-term memory.   You may have noticed how young children are glued to their tablets or smartphone devices. A report in The Guardian shows one-third of pre-school children own either a smartphone or a tablet. The same report also mentions that 80% of these young children are using these devices ...
  • Should You Work In Child Care? Personality Quiz

    [quiz-cat id="1691"] Child care courses: Once you've finished the above 10-question career quiz, check out each of the courses below.  From people with no experience to those who are managers in the industry, we offer courses at various levels.

  • Find out if you have what it takes to work in childcare

  • Rewarding Jobs That Aren't In Offices Behind Desks

    Man painting. Rewarding jobs that aren't behind desks in offices Office jobs aren't for everyone. For hours on end, you are expected to sit opposite a computer screen, or a stack of papers, as you go forward with your tasks. Whether the job is regarding admin, marketing, business, tech or sales, there are several career paths that will lead to an office work-life. But what if you don't want to stay behind a desk? What jobs could you go into? Well, this list will give you an array of options that consider the various skills and interests that different people may have. Read on to find out which jobs you could do that aren't behind desks.

    Childcare Jobs

  • Life In A Care Home VS Care In Prison

      care homes UK prisonsDid you know that prisons are Britain's biggest provider of care? Often, people compare life in a care home to life in prison but what do the facts say? Benefits of UK care homes:

    • There will always be staff there to help.
    • The service user can decorate their room to make them feel at home
    • Regular, nutritious meals
    • The social aspect – many in care homes bond with others who live or work there
    • Medication supervision
    • No household bills or maintenance worries
    • 4/5 social care services in England were rated as good or outstanding overall
    • The NHS will pay for your care if you're unable
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