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  • 7 Ways To Motivate Your Staff On a Construction Site

    an image of a pawn chess piece with throne to symbolise leader When you become either a site manager or site supervisor, one of the key responsibilities that you attain is to lead and motivate staff. Besides ensuring the well-being of your staff, and also making sure the day-to-day operational activities are running smoothly, motivating staff is the key to staff retention and getting a construction project completed on time. One thing you have to remember, construction workers do have some of the most labour intensive jobs out there. These workers play a fundamental role in building communities, houses, schools, hospitals, offices and shops. Even though the work they do is extremely rewarding, especially when they see the building they help to construct come to life. The work involved is not glamourous at all. But there is re ...
  • 4 Routes to Find Employment

    an image of a man and woman looking smart Finding new employment can be a difficult and time-consuming task. However, it is essential that we find work so that we can put a roof over our heads, food on the table, pay bills and even go on the odd holiday. Providing you have a decent CV, there are many routes to employment and we advise you to try all avenues. In this blog post, we share 4 common routes into employment:

    Online Application

    Many employers will take advantage of the Internet when looking for employees. Whether they use their own website or that of an online job board like Totaljobs or Indeed, it will be easy to review the job description before making an application. This method also makes it simple for you to apply ...
  • Job Profiles: Early Years Practitioner

    an image of kids playing football Early Years Practitioner work with children from birth till the age of when they start primary school. They play a fundamental role in a child's development by helping them learn in a happy, fun and, more importantly, safe environment. It is a hugely rewarding career, especially if you love spending time with kids. And if you are a patient and responsible individual with a caring nature, then this might be the ideal career path for you.

    Typical Day-to-Day Activities

    Being an Early Years Practitioner, you will be undertaking a number of responsibilities. And this will all depend on the age of the child (or children) you are looking after. Typical activities th ...
  • 4 Things to do if a Child has a Smartphone Addiction

    smartphone addiction Smartphone addiction has become the norm. It is a common sight to see a child engrossed in their smartphone because of social media, messaging or games. However, this can become worrying when this leads to them failing to notice anything around them over a long period of time. It is even worse if this situation carries on for most of the day. This will often be easily recognised by a parent who may relay their concerns to you as a childcare professional. When this happens, you may be instructed to keep an eye on the child to monitor their use of the smartphone. Some parents may even want you to limit their use of it entirely, such as only for an hour a day or only in an emergency.

    Signs of Smartphone Addiction 

    When you notice a child walking into or tripping over things because they do ...
  • 5 Amazing and Fun Activities You Can Do with Children

    an image of a child playing outdoors Children are wonderful curious creatures who love to play. They enjoy interaction and having fun. At any given moment, you will witness children learning something new through play. As a childcare worker, it is important for you to know that boredom for children can lead to frustration and mischief. It is important to engage them with activities that will hold their interest and entertain them. Children are increasingly glued to the screens of smartphones and tablets, which is lonesome and limiting. You can use fun activities to encourage children to put their devices down and interact with other children during periods of play. Read on to discover several ways in which children can have fun.


    Even infants that do not understand words can have a strong reaction ...