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  • Are We Really Poor in Financial Skills?

    an image of drawing which explains basic financial advice According to a news report by the BBC, it shows that adults from across 31 countries are showing significant signs of weakness when it comes to financial skills. This comes from a study conducted by both Cambridge University and University College London. To me, this should not be too much of a surprise. From my own personal experience, splitting the cost of a meal with friends is a mental arithmetic challenge itself. Thankfully, we do have smartphones that have calculators to help us split the bill. But on a more serious note, the study actually raises a very serious concern. Adults, with poor financial literacy skills, have a high chance of encountering many problems which can be prevented. Such pr ...
  • Childminding vs. Fostering: Pros and Cons

    childminding or fostering   It can be a difficult decision to make when you undertake a child into your care. With the options between childminding and fostering, it can be confusing since the two options are very similar, and you still want to give the child the best care possible. The differences are childminding is caring for a child during an agreed set of hours, which is usually when the parents are at work. Whereas, fostering allows the child or children to live with their foster families. Still, these options allows the carer to care for the child. So, here are the pros and cons between the options:

    Advantages of Childminding

  • 10 Cities With The Best Architecture

    an image of new york in black and white As someone who has been bitten by the travel bug, one of my favourite things to do is admire the architecture of an unfamiliar city. To me, architecture is an expression which is defied by a monument or building. And these wonderful architectural achievements would not be possible without the construction sector. Now the world has some amazing cities brimmed with some awe-inspiring architecture. And I have been lucky enough to visit a few of them. So without further a do, here are 10 cities with the best architecture:

    1. London, UK

    an image of st paul's cathedral As one of the busiest city, ...
  • CSCS Mock Test

    Take this quick CSCS Mock Test with instant answers to help you prepare for your CSCS test and level 1 Health and Safety course. [quiz-cat id="1549"] If you feel like your ready to get your CSCS Card, complete and pass the 1-day course Level 1 in Health and Safety in Construction and the CITB Health and Safety environment test. These are the two requirements to get a CSCS Card.

  • CSCS Mock Test

  • Job Profiles: Healthcare Worker

    image of care worker helping elderly If you choose a career as a healthcare worker, you can expect to work hard. However, you can also expect it to be a role that will be highly rewarding. You will be required to help take care of the needs of people with particular needs. These could be the elderly, patients who have a disability or learning difficulty.

    Typical Day-to-Day Activities 

    The role of a care worker can be a varied one, which will see you completing a wide range of activities. The job involves working closely with your patients, so it is important to be able to take the time to get to know them and their needs. You will take taking personal care of someone who is infirm, which can include helping them to use the bathroom and to change clothes. Monitoring health issues and any medication Cooking ...
  • What Is The Future of Childcare in The UK?

    an image of a girl on swing Childcare is always an important topic for many parents and childcare workers. And with so much uncertainty involving Brexit, budget cuts and changes to government policy, the childcare industry's future does hang in the balance. It's no wonder why there is so much concern. This is why it seems so necessary for us to write this blog post. Parents do want the best for their children. And in this blog post, we will be looking at 5 areas which could impact the future of childcare. Let's have a look at what they are:

    1. Big Chains Ruling The Industry

    There is a strong chance for us seeing large nurseries chains monopolising the childcare industry. From a parents perspective, this could be good news since these larger chains can offer their childcare services at a competitive ...
  • What To Do If You've Lost Your Job

    an image of stressed person looking for work on laptop Losing your job can be one of the most heart breaking things to ever happen. And believe me, it can happen to the best of us. Whether you have been made redundant, dismissed or come to the end of your term of employment, the journey to finding new work can be difficult -- and this really depends on your mindset. If you hold a negative mindset, then finding work will be extremely worrisome and stressful. A positive mindset on the other hand, can allow you to see your "unfortunate" situation as an opportunity. To some, losing their job became an important moment for them to really evaluate what they want to do for their career. We understand that having a job helps to put food on the table and helps to keep a roof over your head, so we suggest to also take the time to f ...