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  • CSCS Card: Everything You Need to Know

    CSCS Card: Everything You Need to Know

    Working on a construction site puts you in the presence of danger, sharp objects, fire, heavy machinery and more. Everyone on the site must have proper training and understanding of the potential dangers that they could face, and how to work properly. In ideal circumstances, you could have a qualification that shows the construction has all knowledge, experience and training to work safely on a construction site. This qualification is the CSCS card!

    What is CSCS?

     CSCS stands for the Construction Skill Certification Scheme. It is a scheme that provides constructions workers with the necessary knowledge in health and safety to work safely and cautiously on a construction site.

    Why should you get a CSCS card?

    Holding a CSCS card is not a legislative requirement, but many major build companies may require you to have a valid one. Over time, more and more companies are requiring that their workers have a valid CSCS card. So really, by not....

  • 9 Construction Apps and Tools for 2019

    9 Construction Apps and Tools for 2019

    Thanks to the advent of smartphones, tablets and other exciting technologies, many in the construction sector use specially-made apps to help them complete their projects. In this article, we take a look at the top apps and tools to use in the construction sector for 2019.

    1. Fieldwire

    Fieldwire is a construction management platform that lets you view construction blueprints, create schedules, build inspections and track costs. You can also create custom forms for RFI, daily reports and change forms. Fieldwire comes with a 5-star rating  

    2. Geniebelt....

    Geniebelt is a construction project management platform that was built from the ground up. It is available as both a web-based application and mobile app. Geniebelt gives you real-time activity progress reports via the mobile app, site-to-office and inter-team communication and you can conduct audit trails. It also allows you to create custom dashboards that meet the requirements of your construction ...
  • Construction: What Does The £18 million Funding Boost Mean?

    Construction: What Does The £18 million Funding Boost Mean?

    At the end of January, the construction industry received some very good news! The sector has been awarded £18m as part of a new Government funding from the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF).

    The financial boost will go on to fund four new research projects that aim to look at ways it will speed up assembly, save money, and, more importantly, improve the quality of UK construction projects. The news was announced by UK Research Innovation.

    But what does this funding boost really mean for the sector? This post takes a closer look.

    The Funding Places More Focus on Digital Technolgy

    Out of 18 million, £5m will be allocated to a Research Leaders programme where they will d....

  • How to Become a Traffic Marshal

    How to Become a Traffic Marshal

    Looking to become a traffic marshal? This article will give you a breakdown of how to become a traffic marshal as well as their duties and responsibilities.

    What is a Traffic Marshal?

    A traffic marshal, also known as a banksman, is a designated person who is professionally trained in safely directing large moving vehicles around a construction site. They are trained to place themselves into correct positions and make use of banksman signals, and possibly radio communication, to guide large vehicle drivers when their view is obstructed.

    Traffic marshals help to prevent accidents from happening on a building site or loading bay.

    Roles and Responsibilities

    Traffic marshals are the eyes and ears of drivers of large vehicles, in particularly....

  • Legionella: What You Need To Know

    Legionella: What You Need To Know

    Legionella is a type of bacteria (not a virus) that causes respiratory infection in humans. Types of infections include Lochgoilhead fever, Pontiac fever and Legionnaires' disease. Any infection that is caused by the Legionella bacteria strain is referred to as 'legionellosis'.

    What are the Health Risks of Legionellosis?

    Both Lochgoilhead and Pontiac fevers are flu-like illnesses which are non-fatal.  But Legionnaires' disease, which is similar to pneumonia, is fatal in approximately 12% of cases. 

    Legionnaire's disease first hit the headlines back in 1976 when an outbreak of the illness occurred at the American Legion Convention in Philadelphia. 221 people were infected during the outbreak, of....

  • Green Cities: What Are They? And How Can We Build Them?

    Green Cities: What Are They? And How Can We Build Them?

    More than half of the world's population live in cities. With urban population predicted to grow, and the threat of climate change expected to worsen, we must take the initiative to make better use of renewable energy and transform our cities to become cleaner, greener and more economically viable.

    What Is A Green City?

    They are cities which have chosen to focus on sustainability. They are cities aiming to decrease their pollution and to reduce the negative environmental impact they create. They do this by recycling, reducing emissions and waste, and more.

    Why The Need For Green Cities?

    Most major cities in the UK are over-reliant on fossil fuels, which has led to an inevitable increase in air pollution. According to the Financial Times, London ....

  • 3D Printed Homes: Future of Construction?

    3D Printed Homes: Future of Construction?

    Ever since the world's first family moved into a 3D printed home in France back in June 2018, as reported by the BBC, it has opened up new possibilities for more affordable and quicker housebuilding.  

    3D printing has become one of the hottest emerging technologies of our time. Some have even dubbed the introduction of 3D printing technologies as the birth of the third industrial revolution.

    What is 3D Printing?

    3D printing was originally invented by an American engineer, Chuck Hall, in 1986. The technology uses a laser to join molecules together to form polymers, which are lots of similar molecules that are bonded together. These polymers h....

  • Quantity Surveyors in Construction Projects

    Quantity Surveyors in Construction Projects

    The role and importance of quantity surveyors in construction projects

    Homeowners and investors in the UK and Australia are more familiar with the profession of Quantity Surveyor and Quantity Surveying, while those living in the USA and Canada are probably familiar with the terms Construction Cost Estimator and Construction Cost Estimating. Still, is there a difference between these two job titles?  Sometimes surveyor roles change depending on the region in which they operate. Generally, a Quantity Surveyor in the UK is equivalent to a Cost Estimator in the USA. However, a Cost Estimator in the UK will have fewer requirements and tasks than a licenced QS in the same region. Basically, in the UK, Cost Estimating is just one of the roles of Quantity Surveying. Related: CS.... ...
  • How To Write An Amazing Construction Manager CV

    How To Write An Amazing Construction Manager CV
    Writing your Construction Manager CV is the least exciting part of any job. You have to decide what is important, what isn't, what is most relevant and how to make yourself look good in the eyes of a hiring manager. When applying to construction manager position, this can be even more confusing as people are often unsure whether their experience or their education matters more. If you are in need of some guidance on writing a great construction manager CV that will impress any hiring manager, here are some useful tips.
    1. Pick a good format for your construction manager CV

    While this point is certainly not as important as some of the others, readability does matter. Hiring managers or employers have a lot on their hands and a lot of resumes to go through – make this job easier for them. Choose a format that makes your resume eq.... ...
  • Most Common Plumbing Problems Found in New Constructions

    Most Common Plumbing Problems Found in New Constructions
    We usually relate plumbing problems with older buildings.  However, that's not necessarily the case. As a matter of fact, since many contractors aren't always familiar with the layout of the building they're working on, and due to tight schedules, plumbing issues are very common even in the brand-new constructions. Properly identifying these plumbing problems before they show their ugly face can save you a lot of money and trouble. So, let's take a look at some of the most common plumbing problems you may face after moving into a new build.

    Leaky faucets

    Leaky faucets are often associated with corroded valve seats and the worn-out washers. You might think.... ...
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