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  • The 9 Hidden Benefits of Supply Teaching

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    When we think of supply teaching, we often think of the negatives. Like how there isn't any regular work or how supply teachers are simply thrown into the deep end to cover a class in a teacher's absence.

    While permanent work can give you a routine, job security and a steady income, supply teaching does have a number of hidden benefits that are worth knowing.

    In this article, we've identified 9 hidden benefits of supply teaching.

    1. Flexibility

    Supply teaching is a great way to balance time spent in the classroom with your own extra-curricular activities. You can choose when you want to work and where you want to work.

  • 6 Ways Millennial Teachers Are Making a Positive Impact

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    With millennials now coming into the teaching profession, we're starting to notice some changes in the methods of teaching. Millennials are commonly known as the unique generation. As a millennial myself, we grew up with technology. We're well-versed with social media, smartphones and can easily adapt to the latest technological advancements. 

    But more importantly, millennials have broken down several walls of traditions, especially in teaching. Millennials are known to be outspoken and flexible and they are bringing these traits into the classroom.

  • 9 Ways Teachers Can Get The Most Out Of The Summer Break

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    When schools out, teachers from all over the world feel a sense of relief. Reaching the end of the academic year can feel like you've just run the London marathon. And despite the fact that you love your job (83% of teachers say they do), you know you fully deserve your summer break.

    But sometimes, the summer break can seem to come to an end in a blink of an eye. And before you know it, a new academic year beckons. And you wish for an extra week of lie-ins because you don't feel fully recharged (or you simply don't want to go back to school).

  • How To Become A Freelance Assessor

    freelance assessor marking papers Becoming A Freelance Assessor A freelance assessor is a professional trainer who uses their expertise to provide support and training to students who want to gain vocational qualifications, such as apprenticeships and national vocational qualifications. It is a profession in which you can work in all areas of occupation where vocational qualifications exist, either as a verifier or as an assessor. You can become a freelance assessor in two steps by getting a qualification in competence and a qualification in assessment. Step 1: Qualification In Competence You need to demonstrate competence in the area that you wish to be an assessor in. You can achieve this competence by getting a qualification in your field ...
  • Do Not Be Deceived: Top 6 Signs A Freelance Job Post Is A Scam

    freelancer As a dedicated job seeker, you may have noticed the rise in work-from-home or freelancing jobs flooding the internet. More companies are adopting the idea of cutting down cost and setting their own time. So for them, hiring freelancers over full-time staff is the best option. But sadly, most of the job posts that promise heaven on earth are pure scams. And hundreds of desperate jobseekers fall victims. If you are hunting for jobs online, this post will equip you with knowledge on how to detect job ads that are not worthy of your time.
  • 7 Routes Into Teaching

    an image of woman teaching If the thought of inspiring future generations and setting a good example is something you aspire to do, then a career in teaching may be the right career path for you. A recent study shows that 83% of teachers love their job. And despite all the trials and tribulations, and the unexpected challenges teachers face on a daily basis, to still enjoy your job is such an amazing feeling. If teaching is something that you want to do, then you must be wondering how you can get into this rewarding career? Well, this blog post aims to share 7 routes to get into teaching.

    University-led Teacher Training

    1. Getting a PGCE at University

    Going to university and getting a PGCE (postgraduate certificate in education) is a very traditional route to ...
  • Early Years Educator/Nursery Practitioner: Interview

      We spoke with Rosie Faulkner, an Early Years Educator Nursery Practitioner who lives and works in South London. She delves into what it's really like working in the industry. She discusses the daily work life, pay, working hours,  controversies surrounding male early year practitioners, and her plans for the future. Read on to see what she says about this rewarding yet challenging job. Why did you want to join the child care industry? “I have always loved being around children and enjoyed babysitting so I decided to enrol in a childcare college course, I completed both level 2 and 3, alongside a Nursery placement. Since being qualified I have worked in a private day nursery.” What's each day like in the nursery? “A day in the life at work? Well, every day is differ

  • Should We Be Focusing On Developing Creativity More Than Logic in Kids?

    painting child What is the right kind of curriculum to teach your kids in their early years? This is an ongoing debate and the answer to this question has evolved over the years. The issue is of obvious importance. Early academic years essentially lay the foundations for your child's lifelong learning as well as career choices in later years. So it is vitally important to get it just right. STEM has gained significant traction in recent years as the key to early education. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics tuition are all on the rise – these are t ...
  • 10 Memes Every Teacher Will Relate To

    As teachers, you spend a countless number of hours marking, preparing lessons and making sure your pupils fully understand the syllabus. You also act as a role model and you also encourage future generations to lead successful lives. It feels amazing when you see one of your students who struggled in Maths get a good grade in that subject. You know you played a huge role. And it feels even better when they say thank you and you get all emotional inside. But sometimes, you might feel a bit underappreciated. There have been many reports in the media on increasing pressures teachers face. But despite these negative reports, you chose to become a teacher because you love to teach. Humour, as we know, is the best medicine when it comes to facing challenges. So we scoured the web to find 10 highly relatable memes that only you, the teacher, will fully appreciate.

    1. No Temper Tantrums, or Unwanted Mess

  • Are We Really Poor in Financial Skills?

    an image of drawing which explains basic financial advice According to a news report by the BBC, it shows that adults from across 31 countries are showing significant signs of weakness when it comes to financial skills. This comes from a study conducted by both Cambridge University and University College London. To me, this should not be too much of a surprise. From my own personal experience, splitting the cost of a meal with friends is a mental arithmetic challenge itself. Thankfully, we do have smartphones that have calculators to help us split the bill. But on a more serious note, the study actually raises a very serious concern. Adults, with poor financial literacy skills, have a high chance of encountering many problems which can be prevented. Such pr ...