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  • Excel: Managing Your Monthly Budget (The Easy Way)

    a animated image showing excel Learning how to use Excel is actually a very important and useful skill. But, not a lot of people know how to use it. For many, opening a spreadsheet and playing around with formulas feels intimidating. And I can understand why. Looking at a complicated spreadsheet can be overwhelming. And if you accidentally mess up one of the formulas, it will mess up the entire spreadsheet. But learning how to use spreadsheets is neither hard or complicated. It is really a steady accumulation of knowledge that automatically gets built up over time. And it really is easy to learn new formulas. Thanks to Google, you're only a few clicks away from an easy-to-understand ...
  • How To Build A Social Media Presence For Your Career

    a picture of a smartphone with the Facebook app on. The phone is laid on a table next to scrabble pieces that says "social media" Social media and your career usually don't go hand-in-hand. When it comes to looking for a job, employers tend to look at your social media accounts to get an overall impression of you before you come to the interview. So if you've posted pictures of yourself on holiday, showing off a new recipe, spending time with your kids or doing something amazing, like completing a 10k run, then employers will have a very good impression of you. But if you're sharing pictures of wild nights and, even worse, an image of you really drunk, then you're running a risk of looking rather unprofessional to your potential employer. But despite that, social media is a very powerful tool. And i ...
  • 10 Most Common Interview Questions

    a picture of a young woman being interviewed by two interviewers Interviews can be a very nerve wracking experience. But thankfully, there are some questions which do come up every now and again. And so to help you familiarise and get you more mentally prepared, I share the 10 most commonly asked interview questions and how you can answer them.

    1. Why Do You Want To Work Here?

    Most interviews start with this question or place it towards the beginning of the interview session. This question helps the interviewer to judge whether the applicant has applied for a particular reason or if they only applied for the position because there is an opening. If it is the latter, then the interviewer will not be impressed. It is really important that you have a strong reason behind why you have applied for
  • Skilled Labour Careers in Construction Industry

    an image of high rise building in construction. View point - low angle shot The construction industry is one of the most exciting and lucrative industries in the UK. In terms of work that is available, there are a wide range of opportunities. And each type of role requires their own unique set of skills.

    If you're willing to put in the effort and show you have a great work ethic, then you can get places in this industry.

    As there are so many career paths in this industry, the aim of this article is to show you what skilled labour careers are available to you.

    Construction Labourer

    Being a construction labourer is an entry-level position in this industry. There are very little entry requirements for this role but you would need a CSCS ca ...
  • Why You Should Consider Volunteering

    a graphic showing the word volunteer Volunteering is an excellent way to add experience to your CV. However, I know there are certain sectors in the population who consider volunteering as a waste of time. It is understandable why they (or maybe even yourself) would think that way. But I beg to differ. When it comes to volunteering, you're not limiting yourself to charity shops and shelters. You can volunteer at private firms, clubs, societies and community events. But besides seeing volunteering as an opportunity to put something on your CV, there are other (more important) reasons why you should consider volunteering.

    Good Way To Explore A New Career

    If you want to explore a new career, then you can try it through volunteering. A lot o ...
  • 3 Apps You Can Use To Improve Your English

    woman on her smartphone looking through apps Being good in English can give you a huge advantage in your every day life. According to the National Literacy Trust, strong literacy skills coincides with having high self-esteem and a higher salary. But unfortunately, many of us are not confident with the use of the English language. And it could be for a number of reasons. But regardless of this, we have to appreciate the importance of these skills. Possessing strong literacy skills gives you the confidence to build strong communication skills and have the ability to interpret and convey information. However, there is an emerging trend that is causing some concern. In a recent survey, 32% ...