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  • How a First Aid Qualification Will Help You Get a Job

    A well-rounded CV reminds me of a tool box which represents different skills and qualifications. And if you have a very diverse set of tools, you'll certainly catch the attention of potentials employers. But how do you choose your skills and qualification? You only have so much time and energy to decide which tools will give you the highest return of investment. Since we're so focussed on gaining the skills and qualifications that are catered towards a specialised  career, we tend to forget to include some of the more interesting (and forgotten) skills employers may be looking for. But since these types of skills are wide ranging, it may be hard to know which ones to choose. So for a start, I suggest learning something that's useful -- like first aid. No matter what you do for work, first aid will always come in use. Even at home. To show you how valuable a first aid qualification is, I have complied a list of five reasons why you should learn first aid w

  • Top 10 Free Educational Online Resources

    The internet grants us access to a world of endless educational resources for people of all ages. These resources are easily accessible and they're perfect everyone: from the younger generation to adults who have a thirst for knowledge. But since the internet is extremely vast. It is difficult to know where to start and how to decide which educational resource is reliable. So I have compiled a shortlist of the best free online education resources. Most of these online resources are child-friendly yet all of the resources shown below will guarantee to develop a little bit of curiosity.

    1. BrainPOP

    BrainPOP is perfect for children. It offers access to just about any subject your child might take interest in. The content is explained in a way that fully covers the material without making you feel like you've been talked down to. BrainPOP even has a "free stuff" section too.


  • 6 Best Study Apps

    One of the things that separates mankind from the other animals, is tools. But I'm not talking about sharpened rocks and sticks here. The modern tool is far more advanced than any of that. Apps, whether they're on the web or on a mobile device, are the tools that everyone should be using. Students are one particular group of people that have benefited greatly from the widespread use of apps. Just as technology has made education accessible to millions of people, study apps have made it easier than ever to succeed in learning environments. Below, I've listed seven amazing applications to help you study more effectively. study apps

    1. Flashcards+

    One of the my favourite ...
  • 9 YouTube Channels That Will Make You Smarter

    Most of us grew up being told that television would rot our brains. Today, the internet has more or less replaced the role of television; thanks to online video streaming platforms such as YouTube. Even though you can waste a lot of hours watching mind-numbing (yet hilarious) cat videos on YouTube -- and many of us are guilty of this. You can also use YouTube as a learning tool. There are plenty of YouTube channels out there which are dedicated to inform and educate (in a rather entertaining way). These channels can help you improve your knowledge so you can be that little bit more smarter. And in this post, I would like to share my 9 favourite YouTube channels. youtube-1719926_1280

    1. Crash Course

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  • Worried About Losing Your Job? Here's How to Keep It

    Getting a good job can be a difficult and intimidating task. Yet, as intimidating as the climb is, the fall is far more terrifying. How do you stop yourself from losing your job?

    For some, this possibility is creeping ever closer to becoming a harsh reality.  This is in part thanks to the uncertainty caused by the political aftermath of the British decision to leave the European Union.

    J.P. Morgan: Saying What Other Companies Are Thinking

    According to a BBC article posted on June 3, 2016  J.P. Morgan, one of the world's largest banks; which employees more than 16,000 people in the United Kingdom warned that they might have to reduce the number of employees located in the U.K. in the event that British citizens voted to leave the European Union. And of course, that's exactly what happened.

  • How to Stay Productive When Studying From Home

    Studying from home is perhaps the easiest way to learn, but it's not all pajamas and Netflix breaks. The biggest challenge for a stay-at-home student is that you have to hold yourself accountable for your work. As you might imagine, setting your own schedule can easily lead to some bad habits and heavy procrastination. Below, I have compiled a list of helpful tips for students who want to study from home productively.

    1. Find a Place (Or Two) to Work

    For me, procrastination has a lot to do with the setting. If I walk out into the living room where my roommates are, there's a good chance I won't be getting work done for the day.

    However, as soon as I sit in the chair at one of my designated working locations and turn o

  • 3 GCSEs You Can Earn From Home

    GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education) are usually taken by pupils nearing the end of their secondary school education. Most pupils leave school with a few GCSEs under their belts, but sometimes, for a variety of reasons, some people miss out on achieving any at all.  

    Additionally, many students who take their GCSEs fail to achieve the marks that they had wished for.

    GCSEs: What's The Big Deal?

    Low GCSE marks as well as missed GCSEs can impact your life in a number of ways.

    GCSEs can determine what qualifications you can earn next in your educational journey, because s

  • 5 Free Places to Learn English Online

    English is the most widely spoken language in the world, and as technology advances, people from all regions of the world are communicating like never before.

    Thus, learning english has never been more useful.

    Many non-English speaking countries have the English language integrated into the curriculums of young children so they can learn it alongside their mother tongues. However, nothing quite compares to learning a language from people who grew up speaking it.

    Why English?

    There are as many reasons to want to learn English as there are words in an English dictionary.

  • 5 Benefits of Studying From Home

    We know that an education is the safest path to success. And studying from home is a big part of it. 

    But unfortunately, many of us believe that the only way to achieve the education we want is by enrolling in an institution, packing our cars, and squeezing everything we own into a tiny dorm room that we have to share with a complete stranger for the next few years.

    Thankfully, there are other ways to earn qualifications.

    Studying Online

    Studying From Home

    Some people have misconceptions about studying online.