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Monthly Archives: July 2018

  • What Childcare Looks Like In Different Countries Around The World

    What Childcare Looks Like In Different Countries Around The World

    Have you ever wondered what childcare looks like in different countries around the world? Do you think we pay too much for our childcare here in the UK? In this post, we take a look at childcare in five different countries across the globe. Which of these countries do you think has the best childcare? 

    1. USA

    Kindergarten childcare

    According to research from and New America back in 2016, the average cost of enrolling a child aged four or younger into full-time care in the US is approximately $9,589 per year (approx. £7,227).

    Compare that to the UK where the average nursery pl

  • Why Is Mental Illness On The Rise?

    Why Is Mental Illness On The Rise?

    In a report published by statistical body NHS Digital, a sixth of the population in England aged between 16 to 64 suffer from mental health problems. 

    But what is more worrying is that we are seeing a steady rise in the number of reported cases of patients being diagnosed with a mental health illness. The NHS Digital, Nizagara Online, Mental Health & Wellbeing in England, Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey has been conducted every 7 years since 1993, with the most recent one taking place in 2014. The results from these surveys show there is an evident rise in people having severe symptoms of common mental disorders.

    In 2014, 17% of people over the age of 16 had a common mental health problem, which is an increase from 16.2% i

  • GCSE Equivalent: Study Tips For Functional Skills Exams

    GCSE Equivalent: Study Tips For Functional Skills Exams

    GCSE results are important and that's the case whether you're a student, graduate or professional. More specifically, you will find that in most educational programmes or job roles, it will require a minimum C grade in Maths or English. This doesn't necessarily have to be a GCSE - it can be a GCSE equivalent instead. One of the most popular choices is sitting functional skills exams.

    What to do if you failed your Maths or English GCSE

    If you fail your GCSEs, it's not the end of the world. Instead, you can enrol onto a Functional Skills course in Maths, English or even ICT. Level 2 is equivalent to a grade C. ...
  • Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Construction

    Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Construction

    How artificial intelligence is changing the construction industry

    Artificial intelligence, more frequently referred to as AI, is fast becoming an everyday worker in its own right. You'd be hard-pressed to find a sector that doesn't utilise artificial intelligence to some degree within its processes, and the construction sector is no exception. Machines possess the capacity to complete an array of tasks, from administration documents to physical tasks like bricklaying. The technology is also being used as an intrinsic part of design and planning within construction. In this article, we explore the manner in which robotics and artificial intelligence are changing the face of the construction industry, and if its implementation can build a more accurate, timely, and safer work environment. Related: Industry leaders discuss building for the future

    Key AI....

  • Working In Childcare: Statistics & Facts

    Working In Childcare: Statistics & Facts
    • The different sectors and jobs in childcare
    • Why it's a career industry worth joining
    • The stigma surrounding men working in childcare
    • Average earnings and working hours
    • How you can progress in childcare
    • What people working in childcare have to say

    1. The Different Sectors of Childcare....

    This industry has various sectors for people to work in. You could take on a role in Early Years, Residential Childcare or within Children and Young People's Workforce. You should, therefore, consider the kind of childcare work you want to get involved in and each sector has a ...
  • What Would The World Look Like If Everyone Worked From Home?

    What Would The World Look Like If Everyone Worked From Home?

    Have you ever wanted to work from home? The idea of rolling out of bed whenever you want and working from home can seem like a dream come true. This is a thought many of us share when we see people working from home.

    As someone who does work from home, I can reassure you that I do not simply get up whenever I want and start work in my pyjamas. So please do put that thought to bed.

    Anyway I digress, it seems as if we'll see more people working from home in the near future. In a recent survey of business leaders at the Global Leadership Summit in London, 34% of companies have said their workforce would be working remotely by 2020. 

    The year 2020 is not that far away, but it got me thinking... what would the w....

  • 6 Ways Millennial Teachers Are Making a Positive Impact

    6 Ways Millennial Teachers Are Making a Positive Impact

    With millennials now coming into the teaching profession, we're starting to notice some changes in the methods of teaching. Millennials are commonly known as the unique generation. As a millennial myself, we grew up with technology. We're well-versed with social media, smartphones and can easily adapt to the latest technological advancements. 

    But more importantly, millennials have broken down several walls of traditions, especially in teaching. Millennials are known to be outspoken and flexible and they are bringing these traits into the classroom.

    Millennials are definitely at the forefront of changing the landscape in the teaching sector. And in this post, we are going to look at 6 ways at how ....