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  • Child Care Careers: Exploring Different Career Paths

    There are a number of child care careers paths you can take in the child care sector. And they're all different in their own unique way. Each of these child care settings do lead to career progression, if you wish to be in a more senior role. And you can boost your chances of achieving a promotion by gaining the right qualifications. This blog post aims to give you an overview of each child care setting. I am not going to share the pros and cons of each setting, only because everyone has their own preferences. My advice to you for deciding a career path is to try and gain some experience in each setting and then decide which one is best suited for you. And if you can, talk to people who work in these child care settings. This way you'll get different perspectives. And on that note, here are the four different child care settings that you can work in:


    Nurseries are very popular places for child care careers. By working in a nursery, you are part of a team ...
  • 7 Revision Tips That Will Help You Ace Exams

    If you want to get tops mark in your exams, then you may be looking at better ways you can revise. We all know hard-work is key, but you have to remember that revision is not just about cramming a load of information into your mind. It is really crucial that you understand what you're revising. That said, being able to remember information easier helps to supports your ability to learn. This blog post aims to share the 7 best revision tips gathered from past students who have managed to achieve top class results. The tips shown below have proven to be effective. However, I also advise that you explore each revision tip and see which works for you best. And so without further a do, here are the 7 best revision tips to help you ace your exams:

    1. Create a Revision Timetable

    Creating a revision timetable ...
  • The Benefits of Becoming A Childcare Worker

    Working in the childcare sector is a dream career for anyone who loves spending time with children. If you're considering a career in the childcare sector, this article will definitely make you want to work in the childcare sector. And it will also show you the necessary steps that you can take to pursue a career in this sector. This articles aims to share the 4 benefits of working in the childcare sector. And here they are:

    1. There Is A Demand For A Childcare Worker

    According to a report published in 2016 called 'Understanding the childcare provider market: implications for educational suppliers' by the Family and Childcare Trust. The ...
  • The UK's First Intergenerational Care Home Announced

    This last week, it was announced that the UK's first intergenerational care home will open in London this year in September. An intergeneration care home is basically a children's nursery inside an elderly care home. There many care homes like this that are running successfully in US, Canada and Japan. And the idea behind these types of care home is to solve the growing problem of loneliness and isolation that is becoming huge a concern in the health and social care sector. Especially in the UK. There has been a lot of media attention regarding the elderly suffering from loneliness and isolation. And it could be for a number of issues: family problems or loss of a loved one. When the elderly start feeling ...
  • CSCS Labourer Cards: How They Fit into the Construction Industry

    labourer cards CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) is the leading skills certification scheme within the UK construction industry. CSCS labourer cards provide proof that individuals working on construction sites have the required training and qualifications for the type of work they carry out. The Scheme keeps a database of people working in construction who have achieved, or who have registered to sit upcoming exams on the various subjects that CSCS provides certification for and have therefore committed to achieving a recognised construction related qualification. Most if not all principal contractors and major house builders require construction workers on their sites to hold a valid CCS card. The labourer cards are printed using 'Smart Card' technology and CSCS provide the coding that is b ...
  • Women In Construction

    women in construction Whenever we go past a construction site, we mainly see a group of men working. We don't see many women wearing hi-vis jackets and hard hats. As you may already know, the construction industry is a male-dominated industry. And according to Construction News, only 12.8% of the workforce in the UK construction industry, which includes roles at board level and working on-site, is made up by women. This is low. But it shouldn't come as a surprise. We can't hide from the fact that there is a lot of stigmatism around women in construction.  And the women who do work in the sector have expressed their frustration ...
  • New Developments For Haringey Announced

    This past week, the Haringey Council's website published a news item to inform us of new plans to further develop and regenerate Haringey. These new developments will allow Haringey to benefit from thousands of new homes whilst creating a significant number of jobs for the area. For the construction sector, this is welcoming news. Haringey council set up a new innovative partnerships called Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV). It is a 50/50 partnership between the council and development partners Lendlease. Lendlease are a company that specialises in project management and construction. They also have a long & successful track record of providing their services to the UK government.

    What's New For Haringey?

  • 6 Tips for Health & Social Care Professionals

    Working in health and social requires you to have some particular personality traits. That's without any doubt. You need to have an inclination to help people and not be motivated by greed. However, having the right personality traits isn't always enough to have a successful and rewarding career in health and social care. You need to learn some behaviours to go along with your personality. So in this blog post, I am going to share 6 tips to help you deliver the best possible care:

    1. Be Aware Of Your Surrounding Environment

    Being a responsible health and social care professional, you need to be aware of your surrounding environment. You need to make ...
  • Study Tips: Understanding Your Own Learning Style

    Everyone has their own unique learning style. But unfortunately, many of us don't know what our own learning style is. It is probably why there are some students who struggle to grasp information and others who are able to understand what they are learning. Most schools offer a rigid teaching system that may not be adaptable to certain learning styles. And this can actually affect a student's confidence, especially when it comes to a student being labelled as either “bright" or “dumb.” Just imagine having that label of being called “dumb”? It is not nice and no student should be called that. Even if they don't know their own learning style. The purpose of this blog post is to share the 7 different learning styles that are known. But ...