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Monthly Archives: January 2019

  • The Reality Check on Private Tuition

    The Reality Check on Private Tuition

    According to a report in The Guardian, there has been a sharp rise in the number of pupils who have private tuition. More than 40% of pupils living in London have a private tutor for a certain period of time, raising concerns on whether private tuition is creating “education inequality”.

    Why is Private Tuition on the Rise?

    With the future job market becoming more competitive, especially in the graduate job sector, it feels as if children are under more pressure to perform and achieve good results to improve their career prospects. Whether it is for GCSEs or grammar school entrance exams, those who can afford to pay for private tuition seem to have an advantage.

    Indeed the private tuition industry has become a b....

  • Is Teaching Handwriting in School Essential?

    Is Teaching Handwriting in School Essential?

    In a world where toddlers learn how to use an iPad before they read their first book, it appears the craft of writing by hand is almost becoming obsolete. Most people write via keyboard - heck I am writing this article on my laptop right now.

    But the question is, should schools, especially primary schools, bother to teach handwriting? Well, according to research in cognitive psychology and neuroscience, they should!

    In this article, we take a look at how handwriting supports literacy and academic development in children.

    Handwriting Helps With Reading

    To teach children how to read, we must teach handwriting as early as nursery. Research by James....

  • How to Overcome Procrastination

    Believe it or not, procrastination has been a hot topic in the field of psychology for over 120 years. Almost 75% of students consider themselves to be procrastinators, with the three most common forms of procrastination being sleeping, playing video games, and watching TV (or Netflixing).

    To help you overcome procrastination, we share some tips that can help:

    Forgive Yourself

    The truth is everyone procrastinates, even the ones that say they are super productive. They will experience a lull in concentration or productivity. What makes it worse, and prolongs your procrastination is that you keep beating yourself up for procrastinating. This starts a vicious circle where you keep blaming yourself instead of addressing the issue.


  • How Does Technology Transform Education?

    How Does Technology Transform Education?

    Ah technology, love it or hate it, it is here to stay. And there's absolutely nothing we can do about it.

    The education sector has almost fully embraced technology in the classroom right across the UK, but not without its concerns.

    How Technology Benefitted the Education Sector

    First, let's take a look at how technology benefitted both schools and universities.

    Creates a More Enriched and Dynamic Learning Experience

    Textbooks don't offer the capabilities that are provided by tablets and other connected devices. And whatsmore, it doesn't limit their learning experience by where they live. The internet provides a wide range of information that students can readily access, as long as they have broadband or WiFi connectivity. ....

  • 7 of The Best Sports Stadiums in The World

    7 of The Best Sports Stadiums in The World

    From football to baseball, athletics to swimming, there's no denying that sport is one of the best mediums to unify people together. Just take a look at England's world cup performance last year? Our Brexit-divided nation was fully behind the team - that was until we got knocked out. But still.

    Sporting events like the Olympics and World Cup (of any sport) can generate a lot of excitement, so it comes as no surprise that the global sporting industry is worth a staggering $620 billion (£479.5 billion), according to A.T. Kearney.

    With that much money circling around, some of the sporting arenas are extremely impressive architectural structures that would make any construction worker proud to have been involved in building it from the ground up. ....