Autumn Activities: for the Early Years kids


Autumn activities for kids

With the little ones in the classroom, some for the first time ever, this autumn offers many opportunities to engage the little ones to make the most of what is around us. It is a great time to let them learn and have lots of fun at the same time, especially if you have access to outside space.

Here are some ideas to start the school experience with a real bang of creativity this term.


Leaf collages

Get the children to gather leaves in lots of different colours. Then, in the classroom, get a long strip of rolled-out paper and let the children stick the leaves onto it, graduating in colour so that all the darker leaves are at one end, moving through to the lightest leaves at the other.



Leaf crowns

With the leaves you have collected and any leftovers, you can make leaf crowns by fast fixing two sides of cardboard together to fit around the child's head and then getting them to decorate the crown with their own selection of leaves.



Trees in 3D

To go with your leaf collage, you can make your own forest of trees using short sections of cardboard tubing that are either brown or that you can paint brown. Then, on some green card, you can cut out shapes of trees to represent the branches and foliage. Then get some paints in typical autumn colours such as yellow, orange, green, red, brown and gold for the children to make a thumbprint on either side of their piece of green tree card. Finally, when the tree decoration is complete, cut some small slots in the top of the trunks and slide the canopy's onto them.



Fun with conkers

It is always fun to pick up shiny brown conkers from the ground in autumn, and in the early years, there's a lot of fun to be had with these autumn jewels. There are so many conker crafts you can get up to with the little ones. Paint them, add glitter, add googly eyes and make them into little creatures for all your autumn fun.




Using air-dry clay, the children can make roundish hedgehog shapes and then add the spines by pushing lots of thin sticks into the clay as hedgehog spines. Use a modelling tool to make eyes and nose or add googly eyes when the clay is dry.

Bonfire art

As bonfire night approaches, take some of the small twigs the children have gathered and then stick them onto dark-coloured paper to make the basis of a bonfire. Next, using orange, yellow or red paint, the children can add the flames by using handprints of the colours to dance above their bonfire twigs.


Whatever you choose to do with your early years class this autumn, we know it will be great fun!



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