10 Personality Traits Every Child Carer Should Have

a picture of crayons with a child's hand colouring in If you're considering a career in child care, then you must be able to show to your potential employer, whether they are a parent or a manager of an early years nursery, that you're the right person for the child care industry. There is a demand for child care in Haringey and the surrounding area. But since you're responsible for looking after someone else's child, then it is crucial that you meet certain personality traits. They'll definitely be looking out for these traits when they interview you. To help you to get a better understanding of these traits, I have identified 10 personality traits every current and perspective child carer should have.

1. Love Children

This is no secret. The number one reason why people pursue a career in child care is because they love children. If you love spending time with children, then your passion will naturally come out when you talk about the times that you have spent with kids. Employers and parents will see this and will automatically tick off the main thing that they're looking for.

2. Playful

When it comes to looking after someone else's children, it can very easy to turn the TV on and make the children watch it. As you may be aware, allowing a child to spend a lot of time in front of a TV is quite bad for them. According to an article written in the Psychology Today, research has shown that a child who has watched too much TV has been less exposed to social interactions, which affects their communication skills. Brilliant child carers are extremely imaginative and creative. They can think of new and exciting games that helps to improves the child's communication skills. And encourages engagement too.

3. Active

Looking after children requires a ton of energy. That's because most children have a ton of energy. Child carers must be energetic individuals who can match up with the child's energy levels during the day (and even at night).

4. Patience

The important virtue of patience really gets tested when it comes to child care. Patience shouldn't just be practiced for yourself, but it should also be demonstrated to children as well. Just like asking a child to wait for their turn, child carers must practice patience with children too. To give you an example, let's say a parent has asked you to make their children tidy their room before they play with their toys. As you may know, you can't force children to do anything. You need to give them space for them to tidy their room. That is being patient.

5. Assertiveness

Just like any other career, child care is not all fun and games. Parents/guardians will leave you with a set of instructions. And they will expect you to follow these instructions. Whether it may be asking the child to brush their teeth before going to bed, or eating six bites of their vegetables before playing with their toys, it is crucial that you practice a degree assertiveness to enable these instructions to be completed. Assertiveness isn't about being forceful or being strict. It's about being able to confidently communicate your requirements without being aggressive or passive.

6. Responsible

Showing that you're a reliable child carer is a dream come true for any parent or guardian. It shows that you can be trusted and you can be depended upon. Looking after someone else's child is a big responsibility. After all, they're putting their child's life in your hands.

7. Nurturing

By spending time with children, you have an opportunity to nurture them. It is an added bonus for parents to see a child carer who is willing to mentor and teach their children. This shows that you are compassionate for the children's feelings and you want to see them do well.

8. Punctual

Besides being responsible, punctuality is a great personality trait to build trust. No parent or employer likes to see their child carer arrive late, unless there were mitigating circumstances. You have to remember that parents are relying on you to turn up on time, so they can go on to fulfil their own commitments.

9. Willing To Learn New Skills

Child carers are now expected to hold certain qualifications such as first aid. Ofsted now hold a database of registered nannies and child carers who all hold the required credentials and qualifications. Most families are now also expecting their babysitters to hold first aid qualifications just in case anything happens. But it is not just first aid employers are after. If you're taking a course in photography, art, baking or even science, then you can even share your newly found wisdom with  young curious minds. And it shows that you're willing to learn something new with the child too.

10. Sensitive

People who work with children tend to put the child's needs before their own. There will be times where you won't feel like reading the same story or playing the same board game again. But you will do it to make the child feel happy and secure. The 10 personality traits that have been listed above should give you a good idea what employers and parents are looking for when it comes to recruiting a child carer. If you think you meet these personality traits listed above, then why you don't you enrol onto our chid care courses. The Learning Station offers flexible and comprehensive distance learning courses. And we've help many child carers go on to achieve a fulfilling career. Thanks for reading. Are there any other personality traits that we've missed out on? If so, please let us know in the comments section below.