7 Reasons to Get a CSCS Card

7 Reasons to Get a CSCS Card
The CSCS (Construction Skills Certificate Scheme) card is an assessment-based qualification for anyone who works on a construction site. Launched in 1995 by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), the purpose of the scheme was to help both contractors and employers identify and recruit construction labourers who have completed both basic training and competency standards in regards to health and safety. In 2010, the CITB introduced an updated version of the CSCS labourer card known as the smart card. The newer cards have a chip containing information on test results and work history. Even though it is not really necessary to hold a CSCS card to work on a construction site, we do encourage everyone to obtain this card. However, obtaining a CSCS card comes at a cost. You'll need to pay an application fee and buy supporting course materials too. To many, this cost would deter anyone from applying. So the aim of this blog post is to give you 7 great reasons on why you should get a CSCS card. And these reasons have been listed below:

1. Helps You and Your Colleagues To Be Safe

The main reason for introducing the CSCS card was to improve health and safety aspects for workers. The CSCS card is an assessment-based qualification that helps workers become more aware of their working environment and ensures that they follow the necessary health and safety protocols. By being aware of your surroundings, you are not only looking out for your own well-being but for your colleagues as well. You have to remember a construction site is one of the most hazardous working environments.

2. A Form of Identification

The 2010 launch of the smart card includes a chip that contains your work history, current skill set and your qualifications. In essence, the new smart card is a portable CV that you can keep in your pocket.

3. Career Progression

Holding the CSCS labourer card is the first step to a highly lucrative career in the construction industry. There is clear career progression to those who are willing to work hard and demonstrate their commitment. The CSCS labourer card is the first level qualification. There are further CSCS qualifications that would allow you to go into either supervision or management. You can also obtain a CSCS qualification which focusses on specialising on a particular skill (i.e. joinery or bricklaying).

4. Better Pay

It's no secret that employers and contractors want to have more CSCS qualified workers on a construction site. And they're willing to pay more to hire them.

5. Multi Use Benefits

The CSCS card not only shows employers that you possess the necessary qualifications and knowledge. It can also be used for other functions as well. Many employers have taken advantage of this and have used CSCS cards as access cards, to record training and health and safety records, and monitor attendance as well. Employers can save a lot of time and money utilising the multiple functions that the CSCS card presents. And this is another welcoming reason for you hold a CSCS card.

6. Required By Large Private Corporations and Public Sector Organisations

Many large corporations and public sector organisations require their construction workers and labourers to hold a CSCS card. Notable companies who require all their workers to hold a CSCS include Network Rail, Tesco, HSBC and BP.

7. Be Part of The Continent's Best Construction Sector

Since the introduction of the CSCS card in 1995, the UK has become one of the safest construction sectors in the whole of the Europe. There have been fewer reported incidents and the UK has been given the vote of public confidence. The CSCS qualification doesn't represent a set of rules and regulation. The qualification rather empowers you with the necessary skills and experience so you can carry out work in the correct manner. This helps to give your employer plenty of confidence in your ability.

How to Get Your CSCS Labourer Card

Applying for a CSCS card is very easy. All you need to do is to complete the Level 1 qualification in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment before applying for a CSCS card. You would need to present your certificate as part of your application. Then, you need to pass the CITB Health and Safety Awareness test, which is an online multiple choice exam that is taken at an approved test centre. Here at The Learning Station, we have helped many individuals from the North London area obtain their CSCS card. We provide comprehensive support and we can also help you achieve your Level 1 qualification in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment in one day. To find out more, see our CSCS courses on our website.