builder doing work
Being a builder does have many perks that many do not know about. A lot of people think being a builder is a “mucky” profession. That is true. Builders aren't afraid to get their hands messy. And after a hard day's work, they'll probably have a layer of dirt covering their entire body. But if we take a moment to wipe away the dust and be able to look at the truly remarkable perks of being a builder, then we'll start to appreciate what a builder does. So in this blog post, I will be sharing the top 5 perks of being a builder:

1. Builders Are The Happiest Employees

Despite the gruelling work builders do, builders are actually the most content group of people. According to an article published in The Fast Company, the construction sector has the happiest workforce. And this is because the sector places huge importance on building and nurturing strong working relationships. And this makes a great deal of sense. If we think about our own working lives, the people that we work with are hugely influential to how we feel at work. And the stronger our working relationships are, the better the chance of experiencing enjoyment in work. And this leads me on to my next perk.

2. Building A Strong Network Of People

As a builder nurtures their working relationships, they will come to have a strong network of people to call upon. You may have come across the benefits of networking in a number of careers advice articles, and this is really prominent with being a builder. As the old saying goes: “It's not what you know, it is who you know.” Up-and-coming builders won't notice the benefits of having strong working relationships until they become more established or self-employed. An experienced builder will begin to speak to their contacts to ask for favours. Whether that may be asking for help or getting some stock, thanks to their strong working relationships, it is easier for them to get what they want.

3. Giving Back To Community

Perhaps this perk is not widely talked about in the construction sector, but it is quite evident when you see a builder completing a project. Whether they are building a school, a hospital or even a shopping centre, builders are essentially building the foundations of a community. And for a builder to be involved in building a community, it is extremely rewarding. It gives them sense of purpose and fulfilment as they go about their daily duties. Once the construction project has been completed, a builder can look at his or her work and be proud of the fact they helped to build a community.

4. Good Level Of Fitness And Physical Strength

Working in construction is physical demanding and really does test your physical strength and your fitness levels. Builders are on their feet all day and be will undertaking heavy lifting and using powerful equipment that requires a lot of exertion. When a builder is new to the sector, it will be tough at first. But with time and experience, a builder will get used to the demands.

5. Experienced Builders Tend To Have Amazing Houses

If you ever get a chance to go inside a builder's own home, then you should. Builders, especially the ones who are either experienced or established, have the best houses. They use their own skills and contacts to make their dream home. These houses are well designed and look amazing. And if you do ever buy a builder's house, then no additional work will be required. Many builders tend to go into property development as a side business. And this just shows how one's own set of skills and contacts can be used to earn extra money.

Are You Thinking About Becoming a Builder?

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