Functional Skills Courses in North London

a picture of calculator with four paperclips and a pen Getting the necessary functional skills is crucial if you want to go to University or hold a decent job. However, we do understand that some of you will have gone through difficult situations that would have prevented you from getting those skills. Some of you may not have achieved a decent GCSE grade in Maths and English. Or maybe you have recently settled in the UK to start a new life but have come to learned your qualifications are not valid here. Whatever your situation, we don't believe in making a judgement of individuals. We believe everyone has a second chance. Here at The Learning Station, we give that second chance. We have helped many individuals in the North London area achieve those necessary functional skills. The Learning Station provides comprehensive support and flexible distance learning for the following functional skills courses:
  • English
  • Maths
  • ICT (Information Communication and Technology)
This blog post will go in to detail to explain why each functional skill is important.


Acquiring GCSE level or equivalent in English shows you possess the fundamental skills to speak, read and write English. It also helps you get a place at University and progress in your career. Possessing strong literacy skills shows you have excellent communications skills (both verbal and oral) and also shows you have the confidence to interpret and reason the information that you read. According to the The National Literacy Trust, people who do have low literacy levels are very likely to have low confidence and attain a lower salary. More so, the average literacy levels are becoming lower and has now become a national priority. Employers are noticing a skills gaps in schools, with 32% of employers being dissatisfied by the level of young people's literacy skills. Whether that's down to the use of mobile text language, that is up for debate.


Maths is a subject that is either hated or loved. Those who love the subject tend to do very well. They go on to become amazing problem solvers or work in a position that involves numbers (like accountancy). But those who hate maths and managed to avoid the subject altogether, they tend to struggle to progress further in employment, training or education. Regardless of whether you love maths or not, strong numeracy skills are equally important to having strong literacy skills. Numeracy skills is not just about being able to pursue a career in accountancy or finance. It impacts our everyday decisions. We use numeracy skills to decide our shopping budget, planning a holiday, deciding what's the best mode of transport to use to commute to work and choosing which mortgage is best for us. If you still think Maths is not that important, then we should take a look at how poor numeracy skills affects the bigger picture. According to National Numeracy, low numeracy skills correlate to poor health and leading a life of crime. That's a pretty big claim right? So wouldn't it be a worthwhile investment if you were given a chance to improve your numeracy skills?


Having a basic understanding of ICT can open up world of opportunities and it can improve your chances of securing a job. Today, most employers (regardless of their industry) in the UK expect their staff to hold basic IT skills. This expectation of employers has held many people back due to lack of their ICT skills. And the older generation are affected by this the most. Strong ICT skills can help you make a well-presented CV on a word processor, calculate your monthly budget on a spreadsheet and (as a bonus) can help you find the best bargains on the world wide web. And the best thing about ICT is that it is never too late to learn.

Obtain Your Functional Skills with The Learning Station

The Learning Station can help you gain the necessary functional skills qualifications. Our comprehensive and flexible distance course have helped many individuals  progress further in their career; all at a competitive price. To view our prices, please see below:
  • English - £299
  • Maths - £299
  • ICT - £299
To book yourself on to one of our courses, you can either register online or you can give us a call on 0845 026 8402. If you have any queries, you can send us an email on [email protected]. Feature image source: Pexels