4 Characteristics of a Construction Site Manager

4 Characteristics of a Construction Site Manager
The requirements for being an effective worker differ from role to role. Every job description lists a different range of necessary skills and abilities. Although, saying that, not all job descriptions will specify all the actual requirements for the role. And these unspecified requirements usually revolve around your character. And employers will be able see if you possess the right characteristics at interview. They can judge your character by your behaviour, your body language and the way you speak. Obviously some of these required characteristics can be learned over time. And if you really want to pursue a career as a construction site manager, then you must invest in time in gaining the characteristics listed in this post. So with this article, I share the 4 key characteristics traits every construction site manager should have:


A construction site manager doesn't just have full control over the building site itself. They're also responsible for all of the people within a construction site too. This includes all staff who work on site and visitors. This responsibility goes beyond merely knowing who is on site at any given point. But it also involves actually being in charge of them. Construction site managers need to be able to effectively delegate tasks to their workers. And they also need to ensure everyone follows required the health and safety protocols.

Ability To Be A Leader 

Smaller construction projects usually require a small number of staff. But larger projects will need more staff. With proven experience, construction site managers will be able to take on larger project. But despite the size of the project, a good construction site manager must demonstrate solid and effective leadership skills. And the key to demonstrating effective leadership skills is through communication. Clear and concise communication allows staff to have a solid direction of where the work is going. Also, being able to motivate workers while ensuring they complete their set tasks helps to garner respect and keep the project running smoothly. Good leaders are very approachable and they don't make their employees feel inferior. And this is really important in the construction sector. The industry thrives from their workers being in the good spirits. And this is achieved through nurturing strong working relations with employees. Of course, there will be occasions when a problem is likely to arise. Especially when it comes to large groups of people. This is where the calm and composed leadership skills of construction site manager is required to mediate and resolve the conflict.

High Level Of Organisation 

An effective construction site manager will need to have good organisational skills in order to keep the site running smoothly. Maintaining a grip on every aspect of the site – from employees to paperwork – will be a skill that the manager will have to possess. They're also required to oversee the work undertaken by employees. Construction site managers are responsible in ensuring their employees are following the plans to the T. And they also keep track of the construction project's progress to ensure they are on course to meet the deadline.

Good Communication Skills 

A construction site manager will be liaising with a wide range of people. These parties will include investors, architects, engineers and surveyors. Each of these parties will have different needs and requirements. And as a construction site manager, you need to be able to tailor your communication skills to each party. As for the construction project itself, and this includes staff working on-site, clear instructions need to be given. And this needs to be delivered both orally and in writing too.

How To Become a Construction Site Manager

Though all the requirements of a construction site manager can make it seem like a daunting prospect, it is actually a rewarding career. It creates a great deal of satisfaction from being responsible for a large number of people to watching a building come to fruition. To become a construction site manager, you need to complete the Site Management Safety Training Scheme. Here at The Learning Station, we can help you complete the qualification in 5 days at our established learning centre in Haringey, North London. Thanks for reading. Do you think there are other characteristics a construction site manager should have? Let us know in the comments section below. Featured image: Pixabay