7 Apps To Help You Become Smarter and Productive

Today, it is much easier being a student thanks to recent advances in smartphone app technology. There are hundreds of apps out there to aid you and to help you become more productive. All of these apps are designed to make you more focused when studying because we know how hard it is concentrate. So to help you decide which apps you should really invest your time in downloading on your smartphone, we've identified 7 apps. And here they are:


Even though smartphones have the power to become really helpful study aides. It also has the power to be a distraction. It is unbelievably easy to get distracted by our smartphones. One minute, you're in the zone going through your notes, then the next, you receive a notification from Facebook. It's one of those notifications that you have to check. And before you know it, 15 minutes (or maybe more) have been wasted. And this will happen again when the next unmissable notification appears on your smartphone. The SelfControl app allows you block certain websites for a specific amount of time. Allowing you to concentrate on your studies. And the best thing about this app is once it has been enabled, there's no way around it. It really is impossible for you to access the websites that you have blocked until the specified time that you've set runs out. This is even the case when when you've deleted the app — you will only be allowed accessed once the previous set time runs out. Available on Apple only 

Maths Alarm Clock

This nifty little app is brilliant for those who suffer from constantly pressing the snooze button when their alarm goes off in the morning. But to those who are not a fan of Maths, this app will feel like a punishment. To understand how the Maths Alarms Clock works, you have to solve a simple Math problem in order to turn off your alarm. Cruel… I know. But you can't argue with the fact that this app promotes self-discipline. The app also serves a two-fold benefit: 1.No more snoozing 2.Solving maths problems first thing when you wake up helps to get your brain working quicker. Available on Apple and Android 

The Oxford Dictionary

If you ever decide to go to university, you'll come across some really complicated language. As you sit in your lectures, your lecturer will be using words that you're not familiar with. And they will expect you to understand it. Luckily, the Oxford dictionary app is there to help. This app allows you to instantly have access to a highly respected dictionary that is constantly updated. Available on both Apple and Android 

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

If you have ever left your scientific calculator behind, then you may be left wondering how you would go about solving those complex equations. Thankfully, there is an app called RealCalc that is practically a Scientific Calculator. And it works just like the real thing. Available on Android only 

Angry Words

As one of the most popular apps worldwide, Angry Words (also known as Aworded) is a classic. This app is a game, similar to scrabble. It allows you to exercise your mind and have fun at the same time. It is a great app to improve your literacy skills. Available on Apple and Android

TED Talks

If you have never seen a TED talk then you really should. Seriously. Watching a TED talk can help you open your mind to a wealth of knowledge that you thought never existed. The speakers are so charismatic and very influential. They are certainly fascinating people. The people that speak on TED Talk are either successful entrepreneurs, radical technology geniuses, business experts, musicians, comedians and renowned medical physicians. TED Talks has them all. Available on Apple and Android 


Arguably, we've saved the best app for last in my opinion. GoConqr is an app that can help you with your studying. The app helps you to create mind maps, flash cards, online notes and even quizzes as well. All of these tools are there to help you prepare for (and ace) your exams. It even has other tools such Study Groups and Study Planner. You can even share your study resources with class mates. Plus, all your notes are stored in one place, helping you to keep organised and prevent you from frantically finding any missing notes (which can easily happen). This is definitely an app that you must have. Available on Apple and Android Featured image: Pexels