Get more bang for your buck with an NUS TOTUM Student Discount Card


Available for all our courses with the label 'TOTUM ID Card Eligible', you can get huge savings on major retailers both in-store and online! All you need to do is be registered on one of our regulated and accredited courses, and you can apply for an NUS TOTUM Student discount card. 

How do I apply for the card?

Simply email [email protected] with the course you are studying, your full name, and your date of birth and we'll send you a unique code to apply for your TOTUM Pro Card Online. The code is unique to The Learning Station and will be embedded with a link directly to TOTUM Pro.

The cards are available;

1-year membership = £14.99

2-year membership = £24.99

3-year membership = £24.99 (limited time offer) - Usually £34.99


Discounts with TOTUM PRO - Check out the range of discounts available with TOTUM Pro:


For more information, please email [email protected]