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Functional Skills in English

Our Functional Skills in English is an Ofqual regulated online course, accredited by City and Guilds. Functional Skills are recognised as a GCSE Equivalent qualification and are accepted as access to Higher Education by many universities, colleges and employers.

This course is recommended for learners who need the equivalent to a grade C or D in GCSE English

The Functional Skills English is a recognised GCSE equivalent that will equip you with the fundamental applied skills needed to succeed in all aspects of life, work and learning.

Why choose The Learning Station?

The Learning Station is an authority for online and class-room based courses, providing one of the most affordable and best quality training in the UK.

  • We have thousands of successful learners
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  • All our qualifications are Fully Accredited and Nationally Recognised
  • Our courses are specifically designed to ensure fast progression
  • Simple to use e-learning and distance learning courses
  • You can expect a high-quality service at an affordable rate
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More details

Functional Skills in English

Functional Skills Qualifications in English are for learners who are looking to obtain the essential skills, knowledge and understanding to enable them to confidently and effectively carry out tasks at work and in their everyday life. Generally, functional skills qualifications offer a softer and more flexible approach to obtaining a nationally recognised qualification suitable for further education, college, university or employment.

  • Functional Skills Qualifications in English at Level 2 are GCSE Equivalent Grade C
  • Functional Skills Qualifications in English at Level 1 are GCSE Equivalent Grade D

(If you need the qualifications for the new requirements set out by TFL (Transport for London), you only need to do this course at Level 1. This English language requirement has been set out for all private hire drivers).

For other learners looking at career options and university, we recommend that you strive for Level 2.

How does it work?

Our Online e-learning Functional Skills in English courses at Level 1 or Level 2 are completed in 7 easy steps.

We will provide you, the support you need to work through this process:


  • An initial assessment to determine your current academic level
  • A Diagnostic Assessment to look at all of the different elements you are competent in and which areas require more work
  • Interactive Learning Resources will be provided based on your diagnostic assessment.  You will be given information, practice quizzes and assessments
  • Skills Checks are carried out after each learning resource is complete. These will quiz you at the end of any of the course modules to ensure you have gained all of the knowledge required for that particular topic
  • Exam Practice Papers will be provided once you have worked through all of the learning resources and are working at your desired level. You will complete 2 papers which one of our experienced tutors will mark and give you feedback on.
  • Practice Discussions Will be provided to prepare you for the speaking and listening assessment taken place on the day of your exams.
  • Your examination will be scheduled on a date that is best suited for yourself. You will sit it at our centre in London or you can pay extra to do it elsewhere.


Course Duration

On average the course can be completed in 10 weeks, based on 3-4 hours study a week.

But the course is open for you to complete over 6 months.

The Learning Station offers a flexible approach and, with every learner receiving a tailor made Individual Skills Plan, a tutor will help you to get qualified at a pace that suits your needs. 

Exam results can be held for up 32 days from the date of the exam being taken. 

What will you study?

The diagnostic test will determine how much and what you need to study on your course. If you are working at Entry Level and would like to obtain the qualification at Level 2, we will allow you to work through our e-learning course and use our resources and receive support until you meet your target.

The course content includes:

3 distinct strands each of which are assessed separately. All of the tasks and assessments are based on practical real-life situations which you could encounter in your work or home life. They also include the use of presentation skills as well as using grammar, spelling and punctuation correctly.


  • Speaking and listening: Taking part in a discussion, listening and responding to other people’s point of view, being able to present your ideas to a small group.
  • Reading: Reading a variety of different texts and interpreting and responding to the information.
  • Writing: Presenting information and ideas in your own words.

Our Online Learning Platform

Our online e-learning Functional Skills in English courses are completed on our online learning platform, which has been specially designed and tailored to meet the needs of our learners and ensures fast progression and ease of learning. You will have access to your course 24/7 as long as you have an internet connection and a device to access your online learning account. Some of the features our platform promotes:


  • A progress bar highlighting the percentage of completion of your course
  • A messaging system with your tutor set as a default contact
  • Administration staff set as default contacts within the messaging system for additional help and support
  • A course page which shows all of the criteria they need to complete
  • An e-learning portal for quick access to all of your learning materials and any other learning resource
  • We ensure our course tutors are highly experienced, so learners can confidently complete their course with an expectation of receiving support wherever needed. 


Our administration team is ready to help learners in any way possible and are happy to provide 1-1 tutorials via Skype/ Telephone if a learner needs assistance with any technical related queries


What can this course lead to?

Upon completion of Level 1 you could progress to the Level 2 Functional Skills qualification and from there many of our learners go on to further study with colleges and universities. GCSE or Equivalent Qualifications are mandatory for access to most universities and colleges.


If you're unsuccessful:

While our pass rate is over 90%, in the unfortunate event you are not successful in your examination, examination retakes are chargeable at only £50.00 + VAT.

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Free on-screen example tests:

(simply press OK when on the page linked)

           English Writing Sample 1 New Superstore (with word count functionality added)

            English Reading Sample 1 Band Manager
English Writing Sample 2 Festival (with word count functionality added)

            English Reading Sample 2 Mobile Phones

            English Writing Sample 3 Social Media (with word count functionality added)

            English Reading Sample 3 Social Media
English Writing Sample 4 Holiday Rep (with word count functionality added)

            English Reading Sample 4 Noisy Office
English Writing Sample 5 Gaining Experience (with word count functionality added)

            English Reading Sample 5 Decision Time