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Food Safety for Retail QCF Level 2 Award

  • Time: Non-Applicable
  • Learning style: E-Learning
  • Duration: Non-Applicable
  • Venue: United Kingdom
  • Ofqual Registered: Yes
  • Awarding Body: HABC (Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance)
  • Payments: Non-Applicable
  • Totum Card Eligible: Non-Applicable
  • Accepted by: Non-Applicable
  • GCSE Equivalent: Non-Applicable
  • ID Card Included: Non-Applicable
  • Approved by: Non-Applicable
  • Valid for: Non-Applicable
  • Early Completion: Non-Applicable
  • Qualification Ref: Non-Applicable

    Learners gaining this qualification will know that food safety is the responsibility of everyone involved in the storage, preparation and handling of food. Its topics are regarded by the Foods Standards Agency as being important to maintaining good practice in the production of safe food.

    Entry requirements

     The qualification is suitable for learners 16 years of age and above.

    The course can be taken by an individual or groups of people with a maximum of 12 learners in attendance. 

    Units & Pathways

    Core Units at Level 2

    • Understand how individuals can take personal responsibility for food safety
    • Understand the importance of keeping him/herself clean and hygienic
    • Understand the importance of keeping the work areas clean and hygienic
    • Understand the importance of keeping food safe
    • The legal responsibilities of food handlers and food business operator
    • Effective personal hygiene practices
    Assessment Method

    You will be assessed by taking a written multiple-choice paper/online test at the end of your course 

    The course is held at our Haringey training centre but can also be delivered at an alternative venue

    Career Progression

    Acquiring this qualification will allow you to seek employment in retail food outlets with earnings of £18,000 per year.     

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