Complaints, Appeals and Malpractice

Centre Complaints Procedure

Terms and Conditions


Centre Management recognises that there may be times when individuals feel aggrieved and may wish to complain about matters other than assessment decisions (Which are handled through the appeals procedure). In these instances the recognised Complaints procedure is as follows;

1. The complainant should complete and return a Complaint form to the Centre Manager

2. Receipt of the complaint will be acknowledged in writing or email, within 5 working days from receipt of complaint

3. The complaint will be reviewed by the Centre Manager and the Managing Director. They will decide whether the nature of the complaint impacts on the Quality standards of delivery or if it relates to other areas of the business which does not affect the assessment process.

  4. The Centre Manager and the Managing Director will deal with the complaint accordingly. Those involved in the complaint will have the right to attend any scheduled meetings to express their views in person.

 5. We will reply in writing, or by telephone, within 28 working days from when we receive your complaint. If it is not possible for us to fully respond to you within this time, we will let you know and tell you what is being done to deal with your complaint, when you can expect the full reply and from whom.

 6. We will always acknowledge where things could have been done better and tell you what will be done to avoid the same thing happening again. Equally, if we don’t agree with your complaint, we will let you know why.

 7. If the complaint cannot be satisfactorily resolved by the Centre Manager and the Managing Director the candidate will be advised of the most appropriate course of action.

 8. Candidates/service users may request the complaints form by email
 9.Or by letter to: Turhan Ismail
                           The Learning Station
                          439 Green Lanes,
                           Haringey N4 1HA
10. There  will be occasions when, despite all stages of the procedures having been followed, the complainant remains dissatisfied. Candidate/service user can escalate the complaint to the Awarding Organisation and the Regulators Ofqual.

You can make your complaint by letter, phone or email:


Spring Place, Herald Avenue,


CV5 6UB.

Phone: 0300 303 3346


Learner Grievance Policy

In the event of a dispute between an individual Learners and The Learning Station, the following procedure will be observed to facilitate the resolution of the dispute:

  •  Learners are expected to abide by the terms and conditions of enrolment and the published rules and code of conduct.
  • Disciplinary procedures will be applied in the event of a breach of these rules
  • All staff are expected to apply The Learning Station policy and rules fairly and without favour, but if a Learner considers that this has not occurred, the Learner may refer the matter to the Centre Manager of The Learning Station within 20 days.
  • The Centre Manager will notify the Managing Director. The Managing Director will make contact with the Learner for final decision.
  • In the event of a Learner complaint concerning the quality of the service or teaching provided by Centre, the Learner will report the matter to a person in a position of authority within the Centre. The complaint may either be dealt with by that person, or referred to the Centre Manager for resolution. The decision will be conveyed in writing to the parties. If either the action taken or the outcome does not satisfy the Learner, they may write to the Managing Director, who will in turn convey a decision in writing to the Learners
  • Matters relating to the interpretation of the contract, or the payment or refund of moneys, are stated clearly in the Contract of Enrolment. Any queries relating to course fees and other charges payable to The Learning Station (or refunds) will initially be dealt with by the Centre Finance and Administration staff. If the Learner is dissatisfied with the decision, the matter will be referred to the Centre Manager for determination. If either the action taken or the outcome does not satisfy the Learner, they may write to the Managing Director of the Centre, who will in turn convey a decision in writing to the Learner.


Appeals Procedure


8a) If a candidate feels that an assessment decision made by their assessor is unfair, they should, initially, verbally inform their assessor at the time of the decision setting out their reasons for dissatisfaction and itemising the areas where they feel they have not been fairly assessed. Receipt of the complaint will be acknowledged in writing or email, within 5 working days.


8b) The ongoing assessment, review and action plan should clearly state the areas where the assessor feels that the candidate needs to collect more evidence and a clear plan to identify how the learner should collect evidence must be identified.


8c) If the candidate is still aggrieved following the assessor’s explanation, an appeals report form should be completed and given to the assessor in a sealed envelope marked ‘CONFIDENTIAL’ for submission to the Internal Verifier.


8d) The assessor will verbally acknowledge receipt of the appeals report form and will Submit it to the Internal Verifier with the following documentation;

All evidence put forward by the candidate for the assessment under question 8e) The ongoing assessment, review and action plan

The Internal Verifier will normally make a decision within 3 working days of the assessment taking place and provide clear written feedback directly to the learner using the appeals report form.


If the Internal Verifier cannot reach a decision on the basis of the information given, or If the candidate does not except that decision, it will be referred to the Manager.


If the grievance is resolved and the candidate accepts the decision no further action will be taken. A record will be forwarded to and kept by the Centre Manager.


If the appeal is unresolved or if the Internal Verifier and Manager cannot agree on its resolution the matter will be dealt with by the Director. Before taking this step the Manager will;


Check that the candidate is satisfied that all the relevant information is contained within the original appeals report form (by reading this to the candidate if necessary). If the candidate is not satisfied the Internal Verifier should obtain a second appeals record form to expand on the information given by the candidate.


Check that the candidate has the name and contact point of the Centre Manager


Send all the relevant evidence, assessment records/plans and the appeals report form to the Centre Manager


Attach their own report to explain why they have upheld the assessor's decision

The Centre Manager will make his/her decision within three weeks of receiving information from the IV. S/he will arrange to meet the candidate, assessor and Internal Verifier concurrently and make a decision based on these interviews and the Paperwork supplied to him/her. S/he will give a decision verbally to the candidate and follow this up, as soon as practicable, with a written summary.


The final stage of appeal, if the learner is still aggrieved and unsatisfied with the Centre Manager’s decision, is to refer the matter directly to the awarding body or/and the Regulators Ofqual. Details will be supplied directly to the candidate when all other avenues of appeal have been exhausted.


A record of all appeals will be kept by the Centre Manager.

 Assessment Malpractice Policy



This policy summarises the management of assessment malpractice within training/ qualification framework.


1.  Malpractice involves those acts which undermine the integrity and validity of assessments, the certification of qualifications and/or damage the authority of those conducting the assessment and certification.


2.  The Learning Station does not tolerate actions or attempted actions of malpractice by candidates or assessors.


3.  The Learning Station be vigilant regarding assessment malpractice and will deal with this in an open and fair manner.


4.  The Centre Manager will supervise investigations resulting from allegations of malpractice and will inform candidates and centre staff suspected of malpractice of their rights and responsibilities.


Candidate Malpractice:

This may include: Copying others work

Pretending to be someone else

Fabrication of evidence Altering certificates


Centre Staff Malpractice:

This may include:

Producing falsified witness statements

Misusing conditions for special learner requirements Failing to keep learner computer files secure Fraudulent certificate claims

Falsifying records


Malpractice discovered by the Centre


1.  Episodes of malpractice will not be tolerated by the Centre, and will be reported to Awarding Body.

2.  The Centre will inform an individual they feel has been involved in malpractice in writing; making the individual aware of the possible consequences should malpractice be proven.

3.  The individual will be given the opportunity to respond, preferably in writing, to the allegations made.

4.  The Centre will also inform the individual of the appeal procedure should a judgement be made against them.

5.  Individuals who are deemed to have undertaken malpractice will fall under the company’s disciplinary procedure and disciplinary proceedings will be initiated.

6.  Depending on the outcome of investigations by Awarding Body, certificates may be called and declared invalid.