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Functional Skills in ICT Level 2 or Level 1 | Course & Exam

  • Time: Non-Applicable
  • Learning style: E-Learning
  • Duration: 6 Months
  • Venue: London
  • Ofqual Registered: Yes
  • Awarding Body: City and Guilds
  • Payments: 3 Months Interest Free
  • Totum Card Eligible: Non-Applicable
  • Accepted by: Non-Applicable
  • GCSE Equivalent: Non-Applicable
  • ID Card Included: Non-Applicable
  • Approved by: Non-Applicable
  • Valid for: Non-Applicable
  • Early Completion: Non-Applicable
  • Qualification Ref: Non-Applicable
    The Functional Skills ICT Level 2 (or Level 1) qualification is for learners who are looking to obtain the essential skills, knowledge and understanding to enable them to confidently and effectively carry out tasks at work and in their everyday life. Generally, functional skills qualifications offer a softer and more flexible approach to obtaining a nationally recognised qualification suitable for further education, college, university or employment instead of taking GCSE qualifications.
    Entry requirements

    There are no specific entry requirements however the qualification is suitable for learners of 16 years of age and above.

    Units & Pathways

    The course will cover various areas of ICT such as;

    • IT Basics
    • Database
    • Email
    • File Management 
    • Health, Safety and Security
    • Presentation
    • Spreadsheets
    • Internet
    • Word Processing
    • Images
    Assessment Method

    Initial assessments to determine your current academic level. The Functional Skills ICT course will then open one level above your score. (It won’t cost you anything extra if you start the course at Level 1 and work your way up to Level 2 ahead of the final examination)

    Interactive Learning Resources will be provided based on your initial/diagnostic assessment.  You will be given information, practice quizzes and assessments. There are 12 modules to go through

    Skills Checks are carried out after each learning resource is complete. These will quiz you at the end of any of the course modules to ensure you have gained all of the knowledge required for that particular topic

    Coursework units will open for you to complete. You will write up short reflections and evaluations. These will be checked by your assessor.

    Exam Practice Papers will be provided once you have worked through all of the learning resources and are working at your desired level. You will complete 2 Functional Skills ICT practice papers. One of our experienced tutors will mark them and give you feedback

    Your examinations will be scheduled on a date(s) that is best suited for yourself. 

    Career Progression

    Functional skills LEVEL 2 Is equivalent to a GCSE Grade C  It allows you to excel in your work and personal life. Gaining a Functional Skills Qualification can Help you secure entry into University as well as improve your job prospects, increase your earnings by giving you tools and knowledge that you can apply in everyday professional situations.

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