How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Construction Business

a person about to press Facebook icon on his/her smartphone It is fairly easy to say that pretty much every one has a social media account, whether it may be Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram or even Twitter. And if you're working in the construction sector then someone must have advised you to to create a Facebook Business Page or a Twitter account for your construction business. Setting up a social media account is very easy. Anyone can do it. But the main thing that boggles the minds of many individuals is answering the tricky question of what content should you post on your social media accounts? And believe it or not, a lot of people don't know. It's important to keep in mind that the content that we post on social media has the potential to attract more customers. Or it can put them off. And if you're a construction worker using social media, would your potential customers like to see pictures of boozy nights out? Or would they like to see you doing a fine job. I know what I would like to see. This blog post aims to share 4 tips on how you can use social media to attract more customers in the construction sector:

1. Have a Separate Social Media Account for Your Construction Business

Some social media platforms like Facebook have their own dedicated feature where you can promote your construction business. And that's Facebook Business Pages. But with other social media platforms, you don't have that option. So it is best to create a separate social media account for your construction business. This way your personal and professional profiles remain separate and won't cause any potential conflicts of interest. As we all know, when we enter the working world, we put on a persona to show that we are professional, polite and courteous. Any other behaviour where it is deemed rude, too casual, uses slang or lazy is deemed very inappropriate. The same goes for social media. Our presence on social media is actually a reflection of our personality. And if we're careless of posting inappropriate content that our friends will like but our customers won't, then your reputation is going to be at risk.

2. Showcase Your Portfolio

As a construction worker, you should have a portfolio which shows your best work. You can use social media, in particularly Instagram, to show before and after pictures of your most recent projects. And you can easily add new photos within seconds. When taking photos of your work, you really need to consider what type of photos to take. Perception is everything when it comes to taking pictures. So you should definitely read up on some tips for taking photos on your smartphone — you can find loads of information online. And thanks to the recent advances in smartphone app technology, there are many photo editing tools that can help make your pictures stand out. Taking good photos can give a very good first impression to your customers. And with social media being so instantly accessible via smartphones, you can show your customers your recent work, whilst giving them a range of ideas.

3. Promote Your Social Media Account

There's absolutely no point in managing a social media account that showcases your best work when you don't have any followers. Your social media account(s) needs exposure, and the best way to do that is to promote it. You can achieve this by adding links of your social media accounts on directories where you're currently listed. And also, you can add you social media links to any trade websites (i.e. Trusted Traders or Checkatrades) too — if you haven't listed your business on any of these trade websites, then you should. In addition to the online platforms, you can also add your social media profile details on your leaflets, your van and your brochures. Your social media profile can be promoted on any marketing platform -- a little creativity can go a long way. And let's not forget the best way of promoting your social media presence by mentioning it to your potential customers.

4. Stick With One Social Media Platform

As you may be aware, there are loads of social media platforms that are out there. And if you're like me, some of us will find it extremely difficult to keep up to date with latest social media platforms. And it can be  easy for someone to think that they'll have to be actively involved on all platforms. Luckily that is not case. You can focus on one social media platform and build your presence. Choosing which platform to go for is entirely up to you. Do some research into each platform and find out what the pros and cons are. Thanks for reading. Do you know of any other tips that will help to promote your construction business on social media? Then let us know in the comments section below.