5 Apps to Improve Your Maths

One of my biggest embarrassments in life is how much I struggled with mathematics. I've had trouble understanding how numbers work together since I was introduced to basic multiplication. Unfortunately, I didn't have the option to move on and be blissfully ignorant to the world of maths. Instead, I had to struggle. I would spend so much time on trying to improve my maths skills that I struggled with my other subjects. I brought home low marks to my parents year in and year out. This went on until my GCSEs in secondary school when I decided scour the internet on my smartphone for help. I quickly found that there were a lot of apps made for people who desperately needed help improving their maths skills. So to share the best apps that I found, I've compiled the following list: 

1. Brilliant (iOS/Android)

There are plenty of apps that help you tackle difficult maths problems through lectures and videos. However, the developers behind Brilliant.org believe that it's much easier to learn through short conceptual quizzes. Their app includes; step-by-step solutions, conceptual quizzes, daily problems, increasing difficulty, a community wiki, and progress tracking. This app truly is brilliant.

2. Cymath (iOS/Android)

This app is for the compulsive checker who is pretty sure they're right but can't move on until they see their answers validated by a calculator. Cymath can take pictures of your maths question and then tries to solve it for you. It also has an amazing keyboard that will let you type out complex problems.

3. Mathaway (iOS/Android)

Similar to Cymath, Mathaway also works like a calculator on steroids. It can solve math problems via your smartphone camera or by manually inputting the problem on the app.  The app solves everything from basic math to even chemistry. 

3. King of Math (iOS/Android)

Let's face it. Even though maths is necessary, it can be terribly frustrating at times. Especially when you struggled with maths at school. But games on the other hand, are more enjoyable. This is what the King of Math app is all about. King of Math is a fun and fast-paced game that starts you off as a male or female farmer that levels up each time you solve mathematical puzzles. It's a lot of fun and also keeps a scoreboard to track your progress. The only downside of this game is that the lower levels are very basic. And it takes a lot of levels to get to challenges which require a bit more thinking. But there's no harm in brushing-up on the basics.

4. Wolfram Alpha (iOS/Android)

Wolfram Alpha is often considered the gold standard in computational applications. It achieves this success due to 25 years of developing algorithms and analysing data. The wonderful thing about Wolfram Alpha is that it serves a purpose well beyond your studies. Wolfram Alpha doesn't just do maths. You can use their software for everything from statistics & data analysis to web & computer systems support. Another thing that I really like about their service is that it's also available as a Google chrome extension, which is useful for online students.  

5. Khan Academy (iOS/Android)

If it weren't for this application I may have never gotten into university, let alone survived it. Khan Academy essentially functions as a resource for all things that I am bad at like maths and science courses. Thankfully they provide video instructions on almost any type of problem you might need to solve from GCSE level to a university level. All of their videos are organised in to categories and are easy to find. They're also easy to understand too.

We Should Be So Fortunate

I'm incredibly thankful that I grew up in an era where technology advanced so quickly. Thanks to this rapid improvement in technology, the vast majority of people have access to powerful computers and all the world's information.  Technology has not only made studying simpler, it has revolutionised the way we learn. Here at The Learning Station, we provide flexible and comprehensive distance learning courses, including functionals skills in Maths.   Thank for reading. Have you used any apps to help you with Maths? If you have, then let us know in the comments section below.