Why Do I Need a CSCS Green Card?

Why Do I Need a CSCS Green Card?
Whether you are looking for a job or want to start your own business in the construction industry, it will be necessary to show that you have the skills and qualifications to be able to pursue it at a professional level. One way this can be demonstrated is by completing a course where you can gain a CSCS card (CSCS: Construction Skills Certification Scheme). On successful completion of the course, you will gain a nationally recognised qualification in health and safety in construction. There are many different kinds of CSCS green cards. But for the purpose of this post, we will be focussing on the green CSCS labourer card. This post will show you the many reasons why you need a green card, especially if you're starting out  in construction:

1. Improve Your Knowledge 

It is easy for anyone to assume that health and safety on a construction site is common sense. Well, that is true and false. We all know why people have to wear hard hats and high-vis jackets on a construction site. But do you know the correct procedure in how to handle or heavy-duty equipment whilst minimising the risk of causing harm to both yourself and others? That's why the CSCS qualification has become so important. Since the scheme's introduction back in 1995, the number of reported incidents has significantly reduced. The CSCS card does need to be renewed every 5 years. This is to ensure your knowledge is up-to-date with recent development.

2. There is a Demand For Workers Who Hold A CSCS Green Card

The demand to find construction labourer workers in the UK is high. And, the industry is willing to offer higher salary to workers who hold a CSCS card. So in a way, a CSCS card can give you head start and makes you a more prospective employee. Some employers may specify that they only want applications from people who hold a CSCS qualification, which will offer you a greater pool of jobs to choose from.

3. Boost Your Career

Not only will obtaining a green card help you to maintain your knowledge on health and safety matters in the construction industry, but it can also help you to develop your career. As a recognised qualification in the UK's construction industry, having a CSCS card can help you to earn more money as you would be considered more qualified. It can put you on the path to gaining further qualifications that may also enhance your career in the construction industry.

4. Show Your Dedication  

Due to many people's bad experience of workers in the construction industry, one of the hurdles you may need to get over is to demonstrate that you are not a 'cowboy'. Obtaining a CSCS card will help with this. The qualification will show your commitment to your profession in the construction industry and that you are prepared to invest in your career and will do what it takes to progress. This makes potential employers and members of the public more confident in your abilities and will show you as a professional. And in turn, this will will make you more likely to be hired.

5. Contribute To The Industry's Safety Record 

It is important to understand the significance of the health and safety regulations that are in force on construction sites in the UK. This will help to ensure that you are applying them correctly while you are working, which will contribute to the high health and safety standards of the construction industry in the UK. When you have a CSCS card you will be part of the process of maintaining the good reputation of the UK's construction industry, helping it to gain the respect that it deserves and showing it to be one of the safest in Europe.

Interested in Getting A CSCS Card?

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