How Does Technology Transform Education?

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Ah technology, love it or hate it, it is here to stay. And there's absolutely nothing we can do about it.

The education sector has almost fully embraced technology in the classroom right across the UK, but not without its concerns.

How Technology Benefitted the Education Sector

First, let's take a look at how technology benefitted both schools and universities.

Creates a More Enriched and Dynamic Learning Experience

Textbooks don't offer the capabilities that are provided by tablets and other connected devices. And whatsmore, it doesn't limit their learning experience by where they live. The internet provides a wide range of information that students can readily access, as long as they have broadband or WiFi connectivity.

Plus, the introduction of technology has enabled education providers to experiment with more project-based learning where students learn on their own.

Improves Technological Literacy

Technology has drastically transformed nearly every profession that we know. If we take a look at any industry or sector 15 to 20 years ago, you can really appreciate how far we have come in this journey of technological revolution.

According to a study by The National Academics of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, one of the main benefits of being technologically literate is improved decision making.

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Improves Student Retention

Technology not only plays a crucial role in primary and secondary school education, but they also play an extensive role in the lives of university students. A study by McGraw-Hill showed that 81% of students heavily relied on smartphones or other mobile devices for studying. 

A report in Education Technology shared that mobile devices can empower students on their degree paths.

Easy Access to Resources

Provided that the school uses a central portal for resources and learning materials, students can access their study materials from literally anywhere.

Many online distance learning providers, like The Learning Station, take advantage of this sort of internet connectivity. They provide their students with the ability to learn at their own pace at their own time.

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Parents Can Get Involved

For parents of children in primary or secondary school. The easy accessibility of portals can help them keep up-to-date with their child's performance at school. If possible, and depending on circumstances, parents can also look through the study materials and provide their child with the necessary support

What Are The Concerns About Technology in Education?

Just like everything in life, every positive has a negative. While technology has brought in many advantages to the classroom, there are some concerns to keep in mind.

Cyber threats

While social media shouldn't be a topic of discussion in the classroom, its impact outside of it can certainly be seen within school grounds. With cases of cyberbullying, harassment, data protection, and child abuse, students have now become more vulnerable to these threats than ever before.

The education sector has not been able to avert this because it is very difficult. Indeed, schools can enforce certain protocols on their local network and apply PG settings, but once students leave the school's premises, they immediately don't have those protections.

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Not Everyone Can Afford It

While technology provides accessibility, that accessibility comes at a cost. There are some sectors of the population that can't afford technology, and they are the ones who are at a disadvantage. It opens up a debate, which is already well underway, about who should provide technology, parents or school. 

Hypothetically, for a fair system, every student should be given access to technology, but who should pay for it?

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