The Bullet Journal: What Is It And Why You Should Give it A Go

woman writing in journal If you struggle to plan you day, week or month, then you're not alone. I am sure you've tried various different strategies to help you become more organised. You may have bought expensive weekly planners, yearly diaries, wall planners. You may even have started a to-do list. Even though most of these investments may appear to work in the first instance. But over time, you'll realise that you'll soon disregard them and you fall back in to old habits. The weekly planner, with it is fancy boxes and charts begins to feel like a chore. Rather than making you feel like you're in control, the weekly planner tries to take control of you. You want to feel organised and in control — so it defeats the object of what the weekly planner had set out to do. And as for to do lists, this tried and tested solution does have its own pitfalls. To do lists are a great platform for you to keep a list of things to do. And since all your things to are all in one place, you'll soon find that over time, as you add and remove different things, your to do list can feel a bit overwhelming too. The one thing to-do lists don't take in to consideration is time. So if you can imagine having a long to-do list, you are unable to concentrate on a specific task at hand because of the fact that your to-do list feels so overwhelming. But that's unless you make a system where you can schedule your to-dos. This is where a Bullet Journal comes in. The Bullet Journal, or #BuJo as it is affectionately call, has been taking the internet by storm. Just go on Youtube, Instagram or Pinterest and you'll see whole host of people sharing their layouts of their Bullet Journal.

What Is A Bullet Journal?

The Bullet Journal was created by Ryder Carroll. He is a New York-based designer who had been diagnosed with ADHD. He came up with the system because like many of us, he found it overwhelming to do many things at once. To explain how the bullet journal works, here's a video by the creator who explains the concept of the Bullet Journal really well: [embed][/embed] To summarise, the bullet journal is designed to track the past, be mindful of things to do in the present and prepare for the future. But the Bullet Journal is not just a simplified to-do list and planner, it is also acts a notebook, an idea book and a sketch book. And thanks to indexing (i.e. table of contents) and the module feature (labelling of each page), you can easily find that doodle or idea that you were working on. And the best thing is, everything is in one place. So you won't have to go searching for scrap pieces of paper for those important dates and reminders.

How A Bullet Journal Can Help Students?

Bullet Journals are a perfect companion for students. Whether you're at university or completing an online distance learning course, bullet journals can help you get organised and become more productive There are so many ideas out there on the internet. Here's an excellent video that I found for students: [embed][/embed] I highly encourage you to explore and watch other videos on Bullet Journals.

What Do You Need To Set Up A Bullet Journal?

All you need is two things, a pen and a notebook. And it can be any type notebook. You can either go for a simple one or fancy extravagant one. It really doesn't matter. Some people choose to be creative. Others like to keep it simple. You decide how you want your Bullet Journal to look and how you want it to function.

Using a Bullet Journal For Your Online Distance Learning Course

When you're studying an online distance learning course, you're in charge of how and when you want to study. This can be extremely liberating. But when you have so many things to juggle like multiple personal errands or kids, it can also be a bit overwhelming as well. Bullet Journals don't just help you keep you on track of your studies, but it can also help to keep other more important personal matters in check. This can include birthdays, events and even planning for your next holiday. As I have mentioned, Bullets Journals is a system that is designed to keep all your lists, notes and ideas in once place. It is definitely a system worth exploring. Thanks for reading. What are your thoughts on this unique (yet simple) system. Let us know in the comments section below. Featured image: Pexels