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  • The Benefits of Studying at a Further Education College

    Are you planning on going to university? If so have you considered Further Education (FE) instead? Further Education colleges come with many advantages and it might just turn out one near you offers a course or qualification that dovetails perfectly with your interests and career direction. No wonder further education is so popular, with one in eight UK students making FE their first choice.

    The reasons why Further Education is so popular
    First of all, further education colleges and apprenticeships cost a lot less than funding a university degree. If you study from home instead of leaving home to study, your costs will be even lower, a big consideration for students who'd rather

  • COVID-19 a short message

    COVID-19 A short message for our valued learners and clients.

    We know there is currently much uncertainty due to the COVID-19 situation, it is a challenging time not only for us here in the UK but for many throughout the world.

    The health and safety of our employees, clients, and learners is our number one priority, we have therefore made the difficult decision to close our training centres in London to face to face and classroom-based learning. However, we have put processes into place so that your education is not impacted.

    Our head office staff members, tutors, and assessors will continue to provide you with advice and guidance with