The 9 Hidden Benefits of Supply Teaching

When we think of supply teaching, we often think of the negatives. Like how there isn't any regular work or how supply teachers are simply thrown into the deep end to cover a class in a teacher's absence.

While permanent work can give you a routine, job security and a steady income, supply teaching does have a number of hidden benefits that are worth knowing.

In this article, we've identified 9 hidden benefits of supply teaching.

1. Flexibility

Supply teaching is a great way to balance time spent in the classroom with your own extra-curricular activities. You can choose when you want to work and where you want to work. Supply teaching gives you the chance to fit your travelling plans whenever it suits you. You're not restricted to set holidays given by the school. You can even attend events such as birthdays, weddings and concerts. You're in charge of your availability, which leads me nicely on to my next point...

2. You're Your Own Boss

Having the ability to choose when you want to work and not being dictated by a rigid class timetable practically makes you your own boss. Plus, in the UK, the demand for supply teaching is always high, so you're almost guaranteed to find work when it suits you. Many supply teachers have negotiated their own terms of working arrangements and picked the days they're available for work.

3. No Paperwork

As you may know, full-time teaching involves a lot of paperwork. There's paperwork for assessments, meetings, lesson planning and school policies. For many teachers, all this paperwork can get quite overwhelming. So it comes as no surprise to see teachers working up to 60 hours a week. But with supply teaching, you are mostly free from these onerous tasks so you can focus on the important aspect of your job: teaching.

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4. Experience Variety

When you're working as a supply teacher, one week you could be teaching Year 3, the next you might end up with a disruptive year 6 class. The variety you get as a supply teacher is a big plus because you'll get to experience it all, and you won't feel stuck teaching the same syllabus year after year.

5. Professional Development

As you get to experience a great deal of variety by working in a wide range of schools, you will be exposed to different learning styles. And as you become acquainted with other teachers in different schools, you might even learn new teaching methods. You learn so much more as a supply teacher and this will bode well with your professional development.

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6. Retirement

Even though this benefit may not be on everyone's mind right now, it is definitely one to consider for the future.  There a number of retired teachers who go into supply teaching because they miss the profession. Some retired teachers have gone back to their old school through supply work, others have gone on to specialist schools to try out a new challenge.

7. Relocation

You can find work in any school up and down the country. If you're planning to move to a different part of the country, supply teaching allows you to “try out” different schools in the area before committing to a permanent position.

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8. Return to Teaching

If you decided to step away from teaching for whatever reason (i.e. a sabbatical), supply teaching is an excellent way to get back into the profession. Supply teaching can help you re-evaluate your original decision so you can decide whether to get back into it or not.

9. Earn While You Learn

If you are pursuing further education, whether it is an MA or an MSc, supply work provide syou with an effective way to support your studies, in particularly if the course is related to education. The flexible working schedule provided by supply teaching can help you fit around your class schedule and coursework assignments.

Thanks for reading! What are your thoughts on this topic? Are you a supply teacher? Do you know of any other hidden benefits? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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