5 Signs You’re Not Meant For An Office Role

an image of office desk space If you come into office with a feeling of dread, it could mean an office role is not for you. Well, not quite, so please don't rush to hand your notice in. Nearly everyone will have this feeling of dread coming into work. No matter what type of job you do (especially after a nice long holiday). But there are some tell tale signs that you need to keep in mind. After all, we spend a large proportion of our life in work. And whenever we do strike up a conversation with someone new, you'll definitely be talking about work. Whether you'll be talking about the highs or the horror stories, these stories will come to us quite naturally. But if you're struggling to share any stories about work, then this should be considered a concerned. So if you are in an office job, and you're wondering if this is the right job for you, then please read on. This post will share the 5 signs to look out if an office job is not for you.

Watching The Clock  

If it is standard practice for you to avoid getting into the office earlier than necessary and leaving as soon as the work day ends, then you do spend much of the time in between clock-watching. If you are unable to muster enough enthusiasm, then it may be time to make a change.

Avoiding Your Workload 

When you have enough work to keep you busy, but still manage to procrastinate, there will be a reason. Whether it is playing solitaire or browsing the internet for your next purchase, there are often many more important things to do when the only other option is to look at another Excel spreadsheet. Similarly, procrastinating by always offering to make the tea or volunteering to run any errands that require a trip out of the office would suggest that an office job is not for you.

Cannot See Path Of Progression 

If you are unable to picture yourself moving up the ranks and working within a role in the management team, you need to ask yourself why. We all spend a significant amount of our lives at work and if the idea of working in an office for years to come fills you with dread, it is time to make a change in order to get a fulfilling career.

Prefer To Build Rapport 

At the end of your workday, if the only positive that you can take from it is the conversations that you have enjoyed with colleagues and customers, it will be obvious that you are a “people person”. In the event that the nature of your job means that you and your colleagues are required to resolutely stare at their computer screens, you are never going to be satisfied. When you find it easy to build rapport with customers and colleagues but have no motivation to complete paperwork, a role that is focussed on interacting with people is likely to be more suited to you.

Wandering Mind

If thoughts of your pastimes – whether building an extension to your home, repairing a car or creating educational games for your children – occupy much of your time when you should be working, this should be a red flag. Day dreaming about the hobbies that you would prefer to be doing instead of working is an indication that there may be other jobs better suited to your skills. Being chained to a desk can feel like a punishment when you are more inclined to undertake work that is more physical or customer focussed, for example. If any of these circumstances sound familiar or you are fully aware of the fact that you hate about your office job but have done nothing about it, then it is a good idea to take a look at what you truly want to do. Though a change in career may seem like a scary prospect, the idea of continuing in a job that is not a good fit should be much scarier. The road to a more satisfying career, such as working in education, child care or construction, can start with taking a course in your chosen career. The Learning Station offers range of courses including: It is never too late to change, so what are you waiting for? Thanks for reading. What are your thoughts on this topic? Please let us know in the comments section below. Featured image: Pexels