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  • How a First Aid Qualification Will Help You Get a Job

    A well-rounded CV reminds me of a tool box which represents different skills and qualifications. And if you have a very diverse set of tools, you'll certainly catch the attention of potentials employers. But how do you choose your skills and qualification? You only have so much time and energy to decide which tools will give you the highest return of investment. Since we're so focussed on gaining the skills and qualifications that are catered towards a specialised  career, we tend to forget to include some of the more interesting (and forgotten) skills employers may be looking for. But since these types of skills are wide ranging, it may be hard to know which ones to choose. So for a start, I suggest learning something that's useful -- like first aid. No matter what you do for work, first aid will always come in use. Even at home. To show you how valuable a first aid qualification is, I have complied a list of five reasons why you should learn

  • Top 10 Free Educational Online Resources

    The internet grants us access to a world of endless educational resources for people of all ages. These resources are easily accessible and they're perfect everyone: from the younger generation to adults who have a thirst for knowledge. But since the internet is extremely vast. It is difficult to know where to start and how to decide which educational resource is reliable. So I have compiled a shortlist of the best free online education resources. Most of these online resources are child-friendly yet all of the resources shown below will guarantee to develop a little bit of curiosity.

    1. BrainPOP

    BrainPOP is perfect for children. It offers access to just about any subject your child might take interest in. The content is explained in a way that fully covers the material without making you feel like you've been talked down to. BrainPOP even has a "free stuff" section too.


  • 6 Best Study Apps

    One of the things that separates mankind from the other animals, is tools. But I'm not talking about sharpened rocks and sticks here. The modern tool is far more advanced than any of that. Apps, whether they're on the web or on a mobile device, are the tools that everyone should be using. Students are one particular group of people that have benefited greatly from the widespread use of apps. Just as technology has made education accessible to millions of people, study apps have made it easier than ever to succeed in learning environments. Below, I've listed seven amazing applications to help you study more effectively. study apps

    1. Flashcards+

    One of the my fav ...
  • 9 YouTube Channels That Will Make You Smarter

    Most of us grew up being told that television would rot our brains. Today, the internet has more or less replaced the role of television; thanks to online video streaming platforms such as YouTube. Even though you can waste a lot of hours watching mind-numbing (yet hilarious) cat videos on YouTube -- and many of us are guilty of this. You can also use YouTube as a learning tool. There are plenty of YouTube channels out there which are dedicated to inform and educate (in a rather entertaining way). These channels can help you improve your knowledge so you can be that little bit more smarter. And in this post, I would like to share my 9 favourite YouTube channels. youtube-1719926_1280

    1. Crash Cour

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  • Health and Social Care Apprenticeships

    Health and Social Care Apprenticeships

    Health and social care apprenticeships are becoming increasing popular amongst care providers across the UK. And The Learning Station can help provide you with Health and Social Care Apprenticeships and courses. Apprenticeships are a valuable combination of training, skills development and applied workplace learning. Taking on a new apprentice to commence an Apprenticeship programme in health & social care can be a quick and easy way for your company to remain competitive and increase its revenue whilst improving the skills, motivation and flexibility of your staff. Not only will you be able to source & employ staff at reduced cost to yourselves, but you'll be in a better position when it comes to future employment, as you would have had previous experience with the apprentice whilst they worked for you. ...
  • 5 Ways to Impress at Any Job Interview

    Interviews can be nerve-racking, especially when they're for your dream job. Unfortunately, it isn't enough to just show up on time, do some quick googling, and throw on a tie (though that is a start). You have to be able to make a great impression visually by being well dressed and well groomed. You also have to impress on a deeper level by researching the company thoroughly and showing some charisma. Sounds hard, right? Well, it doesn't have to be. By following the tips that I have compiled below, you will be prepared to take on the interview with undeniable confidence so you can land the job you want. Let's get started.

    1. Look Your Best

    You may think that you can dress casually because you're applying for a startup that has a laid back reputation, but you'd be wrong. Every company worth working for values presentation. They want your work to be well presented, and the best way to assure them of your commitment to that, is to present yourself well at your interview. Use your upcoming interview as an excuse to pamper yourself. Get a new haircut, a new suit, and even some new shoes. Whatever makes you look and feel confident will be a worthwhile investment.

    2. Research, Research, Research

    If you want your future employer to take you seriously, you need to show them that you take them seriously. First, go to the company's website and check out things like their mission statement and their frequently asked questions page. Make sure you know what the company is all about. Next, scour Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter to learn personal things about your co-workers. Especially pay attention to management because they will be the ones interviewing you. Doing this can prevent awkward moments like accidentally insulting your interviewers favourite sports team. Lastly, research job reviews on sites like glassdoorDon't take every interview to heart but if you read enough job interviews you'll be able to notice patterns which will help you better prepare questions for your interviewer.

    3. Practice Makes Perfect

    There are two ways you can do this and I suggest you do both. Firstly, look over this list of the most common interview questionsYou don't need to prepare a bunch of canned answers but give each question some thought. Secondly, do some mock interviewing. It would be best to make an appointment with a career specialist at your local school if they offer free mock job interviews. However, if this is not something you can do then ask a friend or at the very least practice in front of a mirror.

    4. Prepare for, "Tell me about yourself"

    You will almost certainly be asked this tried and tested interview question, so it's best to prepare for it thoroughly. If you can nail it, you'll be off to a great start. But be sure to show off your best (and most relevant) dimensions.  The interviewer doesn't want to hear about your favourite baseball team or if you're a dog or cat person. They want to know who you are professionally. Think about your career path up until this point chronologically and leave out anything you can't make relevant to the job you are interviewing for.

    5. Be Confident & Charming (To Everyone)

    This final tip is for the day of the interview. Assuming you followed the first four tips you shouldn't have any trouble with your confidence. You look your best and you're well prepared. Now all you need to do is make sure you give everyone you meet a firm handshake, smile, and look them in the eye. The reason I say everyone is you never know if the secretary or anyone else has the ear of your interviewer. Impressing them can move you to the top of the candidacy list. Similarly, if you come off as rude to them it won't matter how well your interview goes when they tell your boss you seem like a jerk.

    Be You

    Having found and read this article says a lot about who you are as a person. It says that you put forth the effort for success – because you know putting in the work matters. Make sure that side of you shines through at your next interview, and you'll own it. Did I miss any other great interview preparation tips? If so help each other out by sharing with us in the comments below! ...
  • 9 Qualifications You Can Earn In a Year Or Less

    When you're looking for a job, you're applying left, right, and centre for jobs in your field, and every time you submit a new application you wonder to yourself, “Is my CV strong enough?"

    Unfortunately in the competitive markets college graduates enter, their high marks and extracurricular activities may not be enough to set them above the rest.

    So, is the solution a higher degree? No, that would take too long, besides you've done your time.

    Instead I suggest seeking out technical certificates that can add value to your résumé in a year's time or less. Technical certificates can range from a variety of different skill sets, all of which would be considered valuable to employers.

    Due to this variety, it isn't always easy knowin

  • How to Decide on a Career Path You’ll Love

    Deciding a career path can be terribly daunting. As we grow up, our parents, teachers, and in some cases our peers ask us, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

    This very question though, is flawed from the start.

    It makes it seem as though deciding a career path has to be a terminal thing. However, it doesn't. You might decide you want to be a doctor then turn right around after ten years of doing that and decide you want to teach medical students.

    Rather than looking at your career choice as a linear path that constricts as time goes on, look at it as a corridor along which many doors can be opened.

    With that in mind, here are a few ways to decide on a career path that you'll love whether it's your first career, or your

  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Work in Health & Social Care

    So, you're tired of your current career – or the lack thereof – and you want to change your profession. The only problem is, you have no idea what you want to do.

    There are several areas you could study but there is  one in particular worth mentioning; the Health & Social Care industry.

    There are a lot of misconceptions about pursuing a career in the health and social care professions. Many people believe that to be a health or social care worker you must be a doctor or a nurse, and if you aren't then you simply will not make enough money to justify a difficult and stressful job.

    Others believe that there's no sense of satisfaction that comes with working in theses fields.

    These people are wrong on both accounts.